Heidi Myers

Head of marketing and communications for Meltwater across EMEA
Location:South Africa


Heidi Myers heads up marketing and communications for Meltwater across Central Europe, the Middle East and Africa. She was formerly managing director of Meltwater San Francisco and opened the Meltwater Wales office as managing director. Meltwater specialises in software for organiations to help master the social business environment and increase online intelligence.
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Seven habits of highly successful brands

Brands that stand the test of time have very particular behaviours and characteristics that make them timeless. They evolve as their audience does and build on their success. They have also stared failure in the face and overcome some not-so-proud moments...

By Heidi Myers, Issued by Meltwater 23 May 2016

Girl power

Many countries have made progress towards eliminating gender discrimination and we're also seeing the introduction of initiatives to ensure the fair representation of women within senior political roles...

By Heidi Myers, Issued by Meltwater 8 Mar 2016

The inconvenient truth of PR measurement

In an age where web traffic reports, sales figures and social media followers can all be analysed in a heartbeat and business leaders are under pressure from finance directors, the onus falls on marketing to quantify how its mix of activities affect the bottom line...

By Heidi Myers, Issued by Meltwater 15 Feb 2016

Let's talk ice cream - Brand attachment vs brand loyalty

When it comes to brand buzzwords, you've probably heard them all: brand engagement, brand development and brand loyalty, but have you heard of brand attachment? And, how is it any different from brand loyalty?...

By Heidi Myers, Issued by Meltwater 11 Feb 2016

[Trends 2015] The importance of social listening in 2015

Social listening is arguably the most significant technology to hit marketing since social media itself. It will be a huge trend in 2015. So, what is social listening and why does it matter?...

By Heidi Myers 28 Jan 2015

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