Greg Forbes

Managing Director and Founder at Lion's Wing Brand Communications
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Greg Forbes is the managing director and founder of Lion's Wing Brand Communications ( His experience includes almost every industry within the broader marketing and communications sector, from public affairs, investor relations and journalism, to media relations, digital communications, media strategy and advertising. You can email Greg at az.oc.gniwsnoil@gerg, follow him on Twitter at @Greg_Forbes or call him on +27 (0) 11 027 0780.
This headline is not a clickbait link

Clickbait headlines, designed to entice people to click through to a particular article, may seem like clever tools to boost page views, but they have the potential to destroy credibility in the long run...

By Greg Forbes, Issued by LWBC 13 Apr 2015

The benefits of job training for graduates

In a business environment calling for rapidly evolving, global and information-driven business practices and businesses, jobseekers and those currently employed need to become multi-skilled and constantly work at up-skilling themselves...

By Greg Forbes, Issued by LWBC 11 Feb 2015

The future of your security

The rate at which technology is progressing has an effect on us all, even those who don't particularly care for the newest developments...

By Greg Forbes, Issued by LWBC 9 Feb 2015

The importance of a challenging work environment

The work environment is an often fast-paced, dynamic and challenging one - especially true for those working within the marketing communications industry that requires constant creativity, analytical thinking, perfectionism and adherence to tight deadlines.

By Greg Forbes 4 Jun 2012

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