Godfrey Parkin

Digital strategist & CEO at Britefire
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Godfrey Parkin, CEO of Britefire (www.britefire.com), is an internationally renowned consultant and author in digital business strategy, social computing and online marketing. He has founded innovation-led companies in Zurich, London and Washington DC. Email moc.erifetirb@nikrap.yerfdog, follow @gparkin and connect on LinkedIn.
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#BizTrends2019: Brand building must become more about customer experience

CX is everything. Businesses boom because they offer awesome differentiated customer experience, online and offline. The big trends in 2019 will follow this rule...

By Godfrey Parkin 14 Jan 2019

Tips to tweak your digital thinking

Since a critical mass of senior executives were given iPads for Christmas, even the most previously technophobic of business leaders are demanding that digital marketing be taken seriously. This is a blessing and a curse - we see a lot of overnight app-happiness driving silly projects ahead of important initiatives. But at last the momentum is building and companies are striving to connect with customers in the digital places where they hang out.

By Godfrey Parkin 16 Mar 2012

The rise of the sentient enterprise

How efficiently does your organisation think? Whether you are a 40 000 employee corporate or a five-person start-up, if you cannot sense what is going on in your competitive environment, cannot analyse and interpret that input, and cannot make the right decisions or act appropriately in real-time, your enterprise is poorly equipped to thrive in socially networked markets.

By Godfrey Parkin 27 Feb 2012

Search vs social: no contest

We're often asked whether social media is replacing search as a driver of online business. Social media is certainly getting way more attention, but it is a complement to search engine marketing, not a substitute for it.

By Godfrey Parkin 2 Aug 2011

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