Georgia Christian

Copywriter & e-marketing specialist
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Georgia Christian is a copywriter and e-marketing specialist for Lima Bean (; @limabeansa), a web development, design and online marketing company in Woodstock, Cape Town. She is also editor of email marketing service Mail Blaze (; @mailblaze), responsible for communicating its five-plus years of industry experience and accumulated knowledge to the market. Contact Georgia on tel +27 (0) 21 486 1860, email az.oc.ezalbliam@aigroeg and follow @GeorgiChristian on Twitter.
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Designing with usability in mind

Web development and design have come a long way since the early days of hideous blinding pages that confronted us when we navigated through websites in the hope of a: finding the information we want, and b: seeing awesome designs and functionality in place.

By Georgia Christian 4 Jun 2012

What can you do about 'list fatigue'?

As you might imagine, 'list fatigue' (aka subscriber sluggishness) describes those who have become 'disinterested' or (gulp) 'bored' with your email offerings. They have might not have physically unsubscribed, but mentally they're switched off to your charms and it seems as though no matter what you dangle in front of them, they're simply not responding.

By Georgia Christian 12 Aug 2011

Are you optimising your text-only emails?

For all the eye-catching and cutting edge design that HTML email is, offers (and mostly) delivers, anybody that has tried to create one knows that when it comes to rendering, it takes time and skill to ensure that it looks great on the subscriber's end. Even with thorough testing however, there is no guarantee that it will.

By Georgia Christian 7 Jul 2011

What are the best ways to segment your email list?

If your aim is to deliver eye-catching, targeted and relevant content that drives serious results, then you really need to look at how you are segmenting your email list. If you're new to the email marketing industry or if you've just never done it before, then understandably it might seem like a daunting task. After all, there are quite a few ways to do this, so where would you start?

By Georgia Christian 8 Jun 2011

Apology emails - when are they really necessary?

Inevitably, somewhere along the course of your career, you have (or might still) hit the email send button and realise just a few seconds too late that there was an error in the campaign you have just blasted off to your entire subscriber list. It kind of gives you that sinking feeling in your stomach, doesn't it?

By Georgia Christian 16 May 2011

Do you have an email marketing strategy?

So, you've done your homework, checked out the relevant stats and have happily concluded that email marketing offers you all the right things and suits your business needs perfectly. That's a decision well made, because even a decade on it still delivers one of the highest ROI's over any other e-marketing activity.

By Georgia Christian 11 Apr 2011

How can email marketing boost your brand?

When you think of a brand, or specifically your brand, what comes to mind? Broken down, a brand constitutes a name, tag line, logo and design, all of which should ultimately define your business perfectly. A brand, we now know however, is much more than that. It is the voice, attitude, style, familiarity and feeling that people get when they think about a business or company, and it's hugely important.

By Georgia Christian 11 Mar 2011

Eight ways to build up your email database fast

At some point along the line, you might have bought an email list, or at least been tempted to buy one. This is bad idea for two reasons. Firstly, they are undoubtedly filled with inactive, non-existent email addresses and spam traps and secondly, it's borderline illegal, so forget that idea.

By Georgia Christian 11 Feb 2011

Three types of email authentication available

It goes without saying that if you are a legitimate business, email authentication is vital to secure your brand and online reputation. Email authentication is, quite simply, a way to prove an email is not forged.

By Georgia Christian 7 Feb 2011

Inactive subscribers - six reasons why

There may come a time in your email marketing career when you realise that the campaigns that you have been working so hard on are starting to fall on blind eyes. Some of your subscribers, you now realise, haven't opened or clicked through your emails in quite a long time.

By Georgia Christian 4 Feb 2011

Transactional email - 14 best practices

CAN-Spam defines a transactional or 'relationship' message as any email that facilitates, completes or confirms a commercial transaction that a recipient agreed to enter into with the sender. It is said that no other message is as personal, relevant or anticipated and as a result, transactional emails generally see open rates of 47% click-through-rates (CTR's) of 20%.

By Georgia Christian 31 Jan 2011

Seven viral email marketing tips

With viral marketing the principal objective is to increase awareness of a product, service or concept using word-of-mouth behaviours. To put it into context, where spam is based on massive distribution of unsolicited emails, viral emails use popular social networking aspects to achieve their goal of reaching the masses.

By Georgia Christian 27 Jan 2011

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