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Ernst Wittmann

Global Account Director MEA at TCL Communications
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Ernst Wittmann is Global Account Director MEA & Country Manager - Southern Africa, at TCL Communications
How 5G could take on-the-go gaming to new heights

One area where 5G may have a big impact is online gaming...

By Ernst Wittmann 6 Mar 2020

VR will reshape our entertainment experiences

Virtual Reality (VR) has a long way to go before it bursts into the mainstream, but there are signs that the technology is starting to mature...

By Ernst Wittmann 29 Jul 2019

Voice interfaces are coming of age

Voice assistants and interfaces on smartphones are coming of age and adoption is expected to soar over the next few years...

By Ernst Wittmann 14 Jun 2019

Five predictions for the future of smartphones

Innovation in smartphones seems to have hit a ceiling, with most manufacturers releasing new products that feel like incremental improvements ...

By Ernst Wittmann 30 Jan 2019

To succeed with youth on social media, let them be part of the brand's story

South Africa's first digital-native generation is coming of age, and it's changing the rules for marketers...

By Ernst Wittmann 2 Nov 2017

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