Edward Fisher

Communications specialist at Colourworks
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Edward Fisher is a communication specialist at Colourworks Integrated Marketing (www.colourworks.co.za; @Colourworks_CT; Facebook). He specialises in marketing strategy, as well as creative concept generation. Email him at az.oc.skrowruoloc@drawde.
Chicken a la King(sley) James: Nando's vs Santam

Nando's has always been agile and, as technology enhances the turnarounds on production time, it has become even better at flighting ads in the immediate wake of the people and events that it satirises. But here comes the real rub... (pun unintentional...) Santam, on Tuesday, 24 April 2012, has responded to Nando's parody with its own [video].

By Edward Fisher 24 Apr 2012

On marketing and speed

You are rushing to complete a project for a client; hastily you whip through it in a final check - you even get a colleague to check the content before handing it over. Alas, the client still finds a glaring error. What went wrong? How could both of you have missed such an obvious mistake?

By Edward Fisher 27 Mar 2012

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