Eben Esterhuizen

General Manager at The Pharma Group
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Eben has over 20 years retail, pharma & FMCG experience in South Africa. He understands consumer & shopper behaviour patterns, and is an expert in CE. Eben is passionate about delivering bottom line success for brands in retail. A champion for innovation, as General Manager at The Pharma Group, Eben is continually developing both himself and his team to deliver excellence in the marketplace.

Current employment

General Manager
The Pharma Group - www.onshelf.co.za


Management, Leadership, Innovation, Retail and FMCG, Retail Management, CRM (Customer Relationship), Shopper Marketing, Pharmacy Marketing, Entrepreneurship
The year of the flexi-brand

With news of Uber choosing Hyundai to build its Air Taxi Fleets, the reality that brands cannot be just one thing in 2020 is reinforced. Businesses need to evolve rapidly...

By Eben Esterhuizen 28 Jan 2020

A month dedicated to Black Friday

Like having Christmas decorations in shops in October, Black Friday 2019 began well in advance of the day itself...

By Eben Esterhuizen 2 Dec 2019

6 pharmacy retail trends to watch in 2020

Global pharmaceutical sales are predicted to reach $1567.80 billion by 2023...

By Eben Esterhuizen 18 Nov 2019

Festive season retail is all about timing

The run-up to festive season sales can start as early as Boss's Day on 16 October. Having unusual, well-priced specials advertised from the beginning of October will bring customers into the sales funnel area early...

By Eben Esterhuizen 30 Sep 2019

Are we moving into an age of gender-fluid purchasing?

Is it outdated to believe women still shop differently to men? The clichés are men purchase for speed and women are more motivated by price, men are big online shoppers but women still like something tangible...

By Eben Esterhuizen 7 Aug 2019

3 trends in retailtainment

'Retailtainment' is described as the use of "ambiance, emotion, sound and activity to get customers interested in the product and in a mood to buy"...

By Eben Esterhuizen 3 Jul 2019

How to kick-start an FMCG product in the pharmaceutical space

I was recently asked to give advice to someone wanting to launch an FMCG product in the pharmaceutical space in South Africa...

By Eben Esterhuizen 23 May 2019

5 things to know before entering the pharmaceutical market

The pharmaceutical sector is following suite with general retail and going through uncertain times. More consumers are shopping the basics with baskets of necessities only...

By Eben Esterhuizen 15 May 2019

Phygital: 6 ways to adapt, or die

Innovative phygital business models, where bricks and mortar and digital seamlessly integrate, are popping up across the globe. But the best phygital experiences still remain aligned with old-school sales strategies...

By Eben Esterhuizen 30 Apr 2019

Six steps to successful customer relationship management

As Easter looms businesses are looking for powerful ways to promote their goods and activate more sales. This should include beefing up customer relationship management (CMR) systems to streamline communication with potential clients and encourage more sales. Here are six steps to sprucing up your CRM and captivating customers at every touch point along the way...

By Eben Esterhuizen 16 Apr 2019

6 ways to win with CX

Branding and selling is about knowing what and how technology can assist in the CX experience but it's also about ensuring that there's a human and emotional connection with the consumer every step of the way...

By Eben Esterhuizen 8 Feb 2019

#BizTrends2019: Five customer engagement technology trends we can't ignore

With a sobering 0% growth reported in May 2018 by Nielsen for the global Top 20 manufacturers and a 2.4% growth for the Top 200 manufacturers within the last year, retailers need to know what the top tech customer engagement trends are and incorporate them where possible into their 360' touch point marketing strategy...

By Eben Esterhuizen 28 Jan 2019

5 technologies improving retail customer engagement

With a sobering 0% growth reported in May 2018 for the global top 20 manufacturers, businesses need to know what the top tech customer engagement trends are...

By Eben Esterhuizen 24 Oct 2018

Brace your business for the festive shopping season

2018 has been a year of great retail activity and by August we had reached a technical recession. A recession is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth...

By Eben Esterhuizen 11 Oct 2018

How do females fare in the SA retail market?

While we focus on women in South Africa during the month of August and honour our constitution for declaring the 9th of August a public holiday; retailers continue to look closely at the overall economic status of women...

By Eben Esterhuizen 15 Aug 2018

Online shopping meshes with bricks and mortar

Forbes' richest people in the world list says Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, earns $107.4 million per day, so he must be doing something right...

By Eben Esterhuizen 13 Jun 2018

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