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Professional speaker & presentation-skills coach
Location:South Africa


Douglas Kruger is the bestselling author of nine business books with Penguin, including the global release: Virus-Proof Your Small Business. Meet him at, or email moc.rekaepsregurksalguod@ofni.
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Current employment

7 creative survival tips for your small business

Some of the lockdown regulations are easing, but for many business owners, survival remains uncertain. Will you make it through intact?

By Douglas Kruger 27 May 2020

GOT surprise-factor?

To communicate in unforgettable ways, your brand must ‘break the human guessing machine'...

By Douglas Kruger 28 Sep 2017

The growth mindset: Four ingredients for creating a high-performance culture

In They're your rules, break them!', I bring together the latest research on what makes human talent tick...

By Douglas Kruger 6 Jul 2017

Lessons in agile culture from French bikinis and ritualistic shrines

"Help, they're trying to break my rules!"... so let them. I studied French bikinis and ritualistic shrines, in order to find ways to create a more agile culture...

By Douglas Kruger 29 Jun 2017

Banking the win of simple business innovation

Are you using the power of digital to make things worse?

By Douglas Kruger 22 Jun 2017

Breaking rules takes you from underdog to industry-threat

How much do bad rules really cost you...?

By Douglas Kruger 8 Jun 2017

SONA and strategic rule-breaking: The art of doing the unexpected for amplified results

Rules are a great idea. Except when they aren't. If you're fascinated by the idea of breaking rules, last Thursday's amazing travelling circus show, the State of the Nation Address, will have struck you as a veritable feast of chaotic delights. Wearing your proudly South African cap, your emotional reaction may have been somewhat different, but let's put national dignity aside for a second and think about the idea of strategic rule-breaking...

By Douglas Kruger 13 Feb 2017

[Relentlessly Relevant] 7. To innovate, train yourself to think: 'That's awesome! Now imagine if ...'

Keen to innovate in your business? Here's a simple approach, based on how quickly human knowledge is advancing...

By Douglas Kruger 27 Nov 2015

[Relentlessly Relevant] 6. Your brain needs sticky notes

Innovation, and the art of capturing ideas on the fly...

By Douglas Kruger 20 Nov 2015

[Relentlessly Relevant] 5. Warning - don't innovate here!

Semi-sacred cows and levers to leave alone...

By Douglas Kruger 13 Nov 2015

Toppling giants

Legacy no longer matters. It's all about how you innovate into consumers' world today...

By Douglas Kruger 27 Oct 2015

[Relentlessly Relevant] 4. The sexiest phrase in innovation, and how you can use it

If ever there were a contest to find the sexiest phrase in the lingo of innovation, I would propose the term 'adjacent possible' for the crown...

By Douglas Kruger 25 Sep 2015

[Relentlessly Relevant] 3. How to innovate - strip them down, tie their ankles, make them run

Here is a curious thing about human thought and creative processes: If you apply no rules whatsoever, you will tend to get poor results. Present your people with a 'white page' and they generally won't know what to do with it...

By Douglas Kruger 18 Sep 2015

[Relentlessly Relevant] 2. Six reasons it's critical to innovate in your business

Last year, I found myself on a squeaky leather couch in a TV studio along with a representative from Yellowwood marketing agency. We got to chatting about the respective reasons for our interviews...

By Douglas Kruger 11 Sep 2015

[Relentlessly Relevant] 1. Lessons on innovation from a Soweto street vendor

Take the off-ramp near Soweto, stop at just the right place, and you will meet a man who runs an unusual food stall. It isn't part of any retail chain you've ever heard of...

By Douglas Kruger 4 Sep 2015

[Death to PowerPoint!] Part 3: Creative replacements for slides

Sometimes it's not the smoking that you miss. It's the act of playing with the cigarette...

By Douglas Kruger 1 Apr 2015

[Death to PowerPoint!] Part 2: Ten presentation structures to replace those slides

In my previous article, we used scientific methodology to establish that PowerPoint now outnumbers Homo sapiens, has become sentient and self-perpetuating. Happily, there are alternatives...

By Douglas Kruger 11 Mar 2015

[Death to PowerPoint!] Part 1: Seven reasons you could do better without slides

Ever hear the story about the Russians in Bosnia watching their unlikely US allies designing their PP slides? One nonplussed Russian said, "If we ever had a war, while you are working on your PowerPoint, we would be killing you..."

By Douglas Kruger 5 Mar 2015

Want to be an industry expert? Make this one principle your entire business model

Some goals require what seems like contradictory behaviour. Becoming a venerated thought-leader in your industry is one of them...

By Douglas Kruger 29 Jan 2015

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