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Founder of Branding & Marketing YOU
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Donna Rachelson is the CEO and founder of Branding & Marketing YOU, a company that specialises in personal branding and marketing - and the author of the best-selling book of the same name. Donna can be contacted on moc.uoygnitekramdnagnidnarb@annod or visit
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Why a great team could be the best place to build your personal brand

Great teams provide an ideal environment in which high performers can excel, and burnish their own personal brands - more so than ever in the post-Covid world of social distancing...

By Donna Rachelson 16 Jul 2020

#WomensMonth: Keep the pink cupcakes. Give us real change...

Women's Month is observed in August to honour a profound act of dignity and unity. Instead of turning August into a time to succumb to pink platitudes and pink cupcakes on desks 'to recognise our women', we should honour the actions of the women of 1956 by improving the lives of South African women...

By Donna Rachelson 30 Aug 2019

Who you are is up to you - own your personal brand

The 30-second elevator pitch, your next social media update, your LinkedIn profile, and the answer to the question ‘tell me about yourself' are all opportunities to make a great first impression. They are also ideal occasions to showcase your own personal brand...

By Donna Rachelson 2 Oct 2017

Some tough questions to ask yourself about your marketing for this year

It's not about adding an extra marketing channel to your arsenal in 2015, with all of the accompanying admin, energy, input and spend. What I suggest is exactly the opposite: paring down the number of channels you use...

By Donna Rachelson, Issued by Branding and Marketing YOU 14 Jan 2015

Four personal branding trends to consider in 2015

If you think that personal branding is for celebs like George Clooney, or bigwigs like Bill Gates, you need to think again! You are a brand. So, before you market your company in 2015, you need to market yourself...

By Donna Rachelson, Issued by Branding and Marketing YOU 11 Dec 2014

Marketing for entrepreneurs: start here

Many entrepreneurs that I speak to tell me they know they need to market their business, but they just don't have the time, or they don't know where to start. While I understand that marketing can seem intimidating, it presents huge opportunities...

By Donna Rachelson, Issued by Branding and Marketing YOU 26 Nov 2014

Three clever questions to ask your clients

Most of us have answered customer surveys and wished we could rewrite the questions instead of choosing from the pre-written options...

By Donna Rachelson, Issued by Branding and Marketing YOU 6 Nov 2014

How email impacts your brand in the workplace

Email is like any other form of communication - there are acceptable norms and also types of behaviour deemed as inappropriate...

By Donna Rachelson, Issued by Branding and Marketing YOU 16 Oct 2014

Startups, avoid these four marketing mistakes

As an entrepreneur, I network extensively with other entrepreneurs and I am always inspired by their energy, expertise and passion. Yet as a professional in the marketing industry, I often find that entrepreneurs and startups do not know how to tackle marketing effectively...

By Donna Rachelson, Issued by Branding and Marketing YOU 30 Sep 2014

How to handle conflict in the workplace

You might be very good at what you do, but if you handle office politics unwisely, it will get people's tongues wagging, and that can do great damage to your personal brand...

By Donna Rachelson, Issued by Branding and Marketing YOU 16 Sep 2014

Stop damaging your personal brand!

You have a personal brand, whether you think about it or not. Your personal brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room. It's how your...

By Donna Rachelson, Issued by Branding and Marketing YOU 29 Jul 2014

Stop with the sales pitch!

Four steps to move your business from chasing sales to attracting customers who want to buy.

By Donna Rachelson, Issued by Branding and Marketing YOU 24 Jun 2014

Why 'good' customer service is no longer 'good enough'

As part of my research for the book, Branding and Marketing You Through Teams, I examined teams in six leading companies to find out what was separating the 'good' from the 'great'.

By Donna Rachelson, Issued by Branding and Marketing YOU 15 May 2014

The relevance of personal branding and marketing

We are all branded whether we like it or not, and if you don't take responsibility for branding and marketing yourself, others will do it for you.

By Donna Rachelson 11 Apr 2014

Characteristics of incredible networkers

What truly makes successful networkers great at connecting with people is not that they have studied the principles of networking so much as that people just like engaging with them. Yes - that's the number one characteristic of brilliant networkers: they are likeable.

By Donna Rachelson, Issued by Branding and Marketing YOU 13 Mar 2014

Five questions that land clients

Often when it comes to marketing, we get fixated on the message that we want to transmit to potential clients and forget to actually listen to what our target audience actually wants from us.

By Donna Rachelson 3 Sep 2013

Does your personal brand make a difference?

According to people around the world surveyed in the Havas Media second annual Meaningful Brands Index, what makes people care about brands, increasingly, is whether those brands improve lives.

By Donna Rachelson 30 Jul 2013

5 signs that you should be marketing yourself

You may not think that you need to market yourself in the workplace, but if you're experiencing any of the following signs, you may just need to rethink your stance.

By Donna Rachelson 27 Jun 2013

Personal marketing: it's not what you think

When many people think of "personal marketing", what they picture is something to the effect of that last situation: somebody shouting from the rooftops about just how fabulous he or she is. But, contrary to popular belief, personal marketing is not about spamming people with inflated descriptions of your abilities. It's about getting noticed for the value you add.

By Donna Rachelson 29 May 2013

Crafting your personal brand story

Often, in business or personal encounters with other people, we hear the phrase, "So, tell me a bit about yourself." Yet many of us don't have a well-packaged answer ready. And that means that we miss out on an opportunity to quickly convey all the most important things we want people to know about us. Instead, we ramble and leave out key bits of information.

By Donna Rachelson 23 Apr 2013

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