Devon Meerholz

Chief Creative Officer at IMImobile SA
Location:South Africa


Devon Meerholz is Chief Creative Officer at IMImobile, a global software and solutions group with a presence in over 60 countries worldwide. Devon's unique approach to creativity is put to good use at IMImobile's Johannesburg office. Here he works with a multidisciplinary team to develop SA-specific mobile initiatives from bank statements to cross-platform personalised marketing videos that enable the company's clients to speak to current and potential customers in more visual, appealing and creative ways.
RCS technology boosts CX by enabling consumers to 'touch & feel' messaging

From being the numberplate prefix for the Western Cape town of Knysna, 'CX' is today popping up all over the web as the marketer's shorthand for 'Customer Experience'...

By Devon Meerholz 3 days ago

Ad industry well-placed to boost SA education

Our current challenges that include perpetual spoiler Eskom throwing shade at our economy should not distract us from South Africa's impressive achievements...

By Devon Meerholz 7 Mar 2019

Cheaper mobile data set to unleash mobile innovation

The close of last year contained some especially good news for the South African mobile consumer...

By Devon Meerholz 25 Jan 2019

Sage advice for collaborating creatives

Devon Meerholz writes about a scenario when the client asks (demands) that two erstwhile competing agencies work together...

By Devon Meerholz 29 Jan 2018

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