Deseré Orrill

CMO Ole! Media Group (TEAMtalk & MobiMedia,AddSuite,HoneyKome,VideoSwarm,Delv)
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Deseré Orrill is a co-founder of the Ole! Media Group and is currently the group CMO as well as managing director of MobiMedia, a mobile engagement company within the group, and HoneyKome, the strategic digital consulting arm of OMG. She is intrigued by the way in which digital communication is redefining the relationship between brand and consumer, and how mobile in particular has become the catalyst for changing the traditional marketing monologue into a conversation.
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Will 2020 kickstart the decade of the driven human?

Ole!Connect's, Desere' Orrill, takes a look underneath the hood of autonomous transportation, what it means to our future mobility, and whether we are ready to relinquish the wheel, or not...

By Deseré Orrill, Issued by Ole!Connect 31 Jan 2020

Leveraging digital platforms for the greater good - beyond the 12 days of Christmas

Effective causal communications using the digital ecosystem can be powerful instruments for systemic change and brand longevity, not just in times of giving like the festive season...

By Deseré Orrill 25 Dec 2017

Video is the new black in marketing

In today's 'too much information' age, standing up and standing out are the key to being remembered. One tool that goes beyond just 'engaging' its audiences to help users retain the memory of the marketing message is video...

By Deseré Orrill 27 Oct 2016

Digital gives marketers a sporting chance

At any one time, there is a sporting event happening with vast audiences engaged in the action and conversation, we pretty much know when and where our audiences will be focusing their attention...

By Deseré Orrill 26 Aug 2016

Mobile is set to be the catalyst for multi-channel, cross promotion in 2015

We already know there are more cellphone subscriptions than people on the planet, but marketers still make the most of this all-pervasive communication channel...

By Deseré Orrill, Issued by Ole!Connect 17 Feb 2015

Is it Utopia, or can publishers inhabit the "best of both worlds"?

To attract, engage and inform readers, there is space for digital and traditional print advertising to 'co-habit' and benefit each other, says Deseré Orrill, Chief Marketing Officer, Olé! Media Group.

By Deseré Orrill, Issued by Ole!Connect 8 Sep 2014

The quest for the 'mobi-grail': Make promises. Keep promises.

There are no magic formulas for mobile marketing. It is a rapidly developing art that continuously evolves. What works today, will not necessarily work tomorrow...

By Deseré Orrill, Issued by Ole!Connect 28 Jul 2014

Upwardly mobile e-motion

Mobile money has fast-tracked socio-economic development in emerging markets and, promoted freedom of choice and enterprise development but, how long before regulations throttle financial inclusion?

By Deseré Orrill, Issued by Ole!Connect 11 Jul 2014

Three quick ways to up your mobile marketing efforts in Africa

Africa's mobile revolution has been the subject of much discussion for businesses looking to target the continent's growing consumer population using mobile phones.

By Deseré Orrill 4 Mar 2014

Jingle bells, jingle bells, it's mobile all the way

Sending a mobile message over the Christmas period is fast becoming the norm. With the rise in mobile technology you now have an endlessly creative platform where you can send a direct, environmentally friendly and cost-effective message to your 'Christmas card list'.

By Deseré Orrill, Issued by Ole!Connect 12 Nov 2013

Let's talk about text, baby...

Given that mobile penetration rates in SA are higher than any other medium, mobile communication is undoubtedly one of the best ways to reach the widest audience.

By Deseré Orrill 16 Sep 2013

Get real about digital advertising

As audiences migrate from print to digital, and television audiences increasingly practice 'multi-screen' viewing, the value of digital advertising inventory is growing incrementally.

By Deseré Orrill, Issued by Ole!Connect 12 Jun 2013

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