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David Limbert heads up the creative services department at Magnetic Storm and has a solid background in theatre. Following his studies at the Guildford School of Acting and qualifying as a stage manager, he cemented his reputation for excellence in the UK theatre world and worked at the Rep Theatre, the London City Ballet, and the world-famous, West End theatres.
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Don't confuse desktop research with inspiration

There's a wonderful world out there beyond our screens, and it's our role as creatives to get out there and explore it, writes David Limbert...

By David Limbert 11 Oct 2019

Creative freedom

The general belief is that great ideas happen when people are free to think and that creatives thrive in situations that grant permission to make mistakes. I don't disagree with the sentiment, but I do see a challenge with the word freedom...

By David Limbert 22 May 2019

Why creativity in events is imperative

Creativity. Intangible but immensely powerful within the events sector. But despite its power, it's tough to gauge, difficult to define and sometimes hard to find. And few realise how important creativity is in pulling off unreal events that deliver real results...

By David Limbert 22 Dec 2017

VR content should be engaging, relevant and appropriate

As virtual reality (VR) experiences become more prevalent and impressive, are we using VR for VR's sake?...

By David Limbert 1 Aug 2017

Lighting the way

There's more to lighting than meets the eye - discover why lighting is vital for events...

By David Limbert 8 Feb 2016

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