Danilo Acquisto

CEO at Special Effects Media, South Africa
Location:South Africa


Danilo Acquisto is the CEO of Special Effects Media South Africa, a YouTube Multi-Channel Network (MCN) backed by international partners, which launched in 2017. Special Effects Media is the first commercial Multichannel Network in South Africa, and brings creators, brands, content and audiences together. Danilo is also a radio presenter on Good Hope FM.
#BizTrends2020: Top digital video and influencer marketing trends to consider

South African internet penetration in 2020 will increase to 71.4% which is an increase of 7.6%. With more people having internet access and consuming content online, Danilo Acquisto lists some of the digital video and influencer marketing trends to consider...

By Danilo Acquisto 9 Jan 2020

The value of specialist services in your marketing mix

While a multi-service agency does make for a smooth process, there is a strong case for opting for specialist agencies in the marketing mix...

By Danilo Acquisto 3 Apr 2019

#BizTrends2019: The value of micro-influencers in marketing campaigns

As we move into 2019, it's becoming clear that using micro-influencers is becoming very valuable - perhaps more than using macro-influencers who have a very large audience reach. Here's why...

By Danilo Acquisto 29 Jan 2019

The age of Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs): The ins and outs from SA's first commercial network

As more video content is consumed on the internet, finding the specialists in optimising that content is going to be vital...

By Danilo Acquisto 17 Apr 2018

Why brands should focus on community building over the eye-balls approach

Danilo Acquisto writes that brands should build a YouTube presence now, to begin producing content that is relevant and consumable and to avoid the shotgun approach of gaining eyeballs alone...

By Danilo Acquisto 22 Feb 2018

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