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The Suit Life: Responsible advertising

When I use the term "responsible advertising", it's a multifaceted expression of what advertising should be, but in many cases, is not...

By Craig Naicker 26 Mar 2021

'What's next' for the advertising industry?

In 2020, the advertising industry was faced with many of those "what next?" moments; from agencies needing to put staff on reduced work time, salary cuts, retrenchments to even having to close down. Now, as we enter 2021, the question still lingers; "What next?"

By Craig Naicker 5 Jan 2021

Lead with empathy and connect with consumers on an emotional level

Craig Naicker, head of client services at CWDi, talks about how agencies need to connect with a consumer on an emotional level during these times...

By Craig Naicker 5 Aug 2020

How agencies need to realign - 'The Suit Life'

Times have changed and many companies are having to change the way in which they operate so that they can adapt. Here, Craig Naicker, head of Client Services at CWDi talks about how agencies can realign their business to adapt to the times that we are currently living under...

By Craig Naicker 23 Jun 2020

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