Claudelle Naidoo

Head of Insights and New Business Director
Location:South Africa


Claudelle Naidoo is an accomplished Marketing, Consumer & Media Research Specialist with 13 years of experience working across multi-million rand portfolios within organisations such as Nielsen SA, Media 24, Caxton, and Kagiso Media.

Currently, Claudelle heads up MediaCom's Analytics & Insights division, where she focuses on using technology and data modelling exercises to develop and execute insights that assist businesses in understanding the impact of their sales and marketing initiatives.
Growth hacking research and insights model: Why a 10% investment can and should equal a 90% ROI

Every marketer will smile at the thought of achieving an ROI of 90% for a 10% marketing investment. But is this achievable today?..

By Claudelle Naidoo, Issued by MediaCom 27 Mar 2018

Maximising consumer engagement in a brand-push war zone

The age of using consumer touchpoint data to define targeting strategies is almost becoming defunct. In fact, many insights specialists would argue that we are still thinking in siloes based on this behaviour...

By Claudelle Naidoo 30 Nov 2016

Actual impact, not cost per thousand

These days, consumers upload breaking news stories, videos and more online and make them viral before journalists even gets to them...

By Claudelle Naidoo 9 Mar 2015

Consumer trust is based on advertiser investment, not expenditure

The media and marketing industry in South Africa is at a crossroads at the moment - the big question being asked from brands/spenders is "How can I get the most reach for my buck?"...

By Claudelle Naidoo 11 Nov 2014

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