Chantel Botha

Head of Customer Experience Strategy and Consulting, BrandLove
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Chantel Botha is a brand and business innovator who focuses on how customers connect with brands. She finds meaning in designing engaging customer experiences that creates value for brands and their patrons.
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#BizTrends2019: The brand promise chasm is widening for consumers

At the end of every year I take out my crystal ball, dust it off and think about the future...

By Chantel Botha 23 Jan 2019

The CXA Awards - What it means for South African consumers

Chantel Botha chaired the CXA judging panel for the 2017 awards and acknowledges the companies and individuals who put themselves out there to be considered for the prestigious award...

By Chantel Botha 14 Aug 2017

Celebrating Global CX Day - a tribute to brand warriors!

As 5 October approaches, customer experience professionals worldwide are preparing for a celebration of acknowledgement, knowledge sharing and showcasing of customer experience stories from around the globe...

By Chantel Botha 4 Oct 2016

I hate speaking to your call centre!

How many times have you said this or heard someone say it? In this post I would like to explore the reasons why these interactions are so dreaded...

By Chantel Botha, Issued by BrandLove 15 Apr 2016

The craft of customer experience (CX) design

To an outsider who does not understand the work it may look like we draw lots of pictures, talk too much, ask people invasive repetitive questions and then play back the answers...

By Chantel Botha 27 Aug 2015

Customer experience F-Words

When customer experience is introduced into a corporate strategy or dusted off, when it has been there all along, as a part of a strategy review, it can be a daunting task...

By Chantel Botha 3 Jun 2015

Does the digital customer experience demand breaking old rules?

So many corporates I have worked with fear the world of digital and social media. Not because it is hugely complex, but more because it is unknown and unpredictable and forces people to be resilient and adapt to change much more quickly.

By Chantel Botha 28 Mar 2013

Avoid "one-night stand" marketing campaigns

Why are some companies just better at advertising when all of them have access to the same resources, budget and agencies? And why is it that some award-winning marketing campaigns just don't deliver the return on investment for which the brand had hoped?

By Chantel Botha 17 Mar 2013

Rules of the new conversation economy

In mass media the conversation has mostly been one-sided, loud, condescending and sometimes even quite dictatorial... of marketers and brands telling consumers what they need and why and what would be a reasonable price to pay to satisfy the need.

By Chantel Botha 2 Mar 2013

2013 customer experience forecast

I take out my crystal ball, as any good consultant is required to do at times, and venture to make some predictions for what customer experience challenges and trends I think brands will face this year.

By Chantel Botha 30 Jan 2013

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