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Catherine Milward-Bridges

Independent Communication Specialist
Location:South Africa


Catherine Milward-Bridges is a passionate communication specialist and founder of Catherine guides her clients in taking their engagement efforts from good to great; and helps them optimise social media with strategic know-how.
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Feed your customers festive this season

The build-up to the festive season takes meticulous preparation - depending on how particular you are. It also causes untold stress and is always over far too soon...

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 4 Dec 2014

Bad customer service: Take 'A WHIP' to it

It doesn't take a genius to know that if you're rendering a service, being attentive to your customers' demands is an effective way of protecting your brand's reputation...

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 11 Nov 2014

Content: Skate or fall - it's that simple

I once heard someone say that his passion for skateboarding stems from being able to teach kids how to fall - or 'bail', in skateboarders' lingo. This piqued my interest...

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 6 Nov 2014

How to use social media to get your next event noticed

Why not use social media to take some of the schlep out of pulling off an event? Use its "social" element to leverage relationships to ask for support, no matter how small your next event...

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 28 Aug 2014

Why can't you take YES for an answer

That awkward moment when you pay someone a compliment and they 'retaliate' with an argument, as to why your compliment is not warranted. Sound familiar?

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 11 Jun 2014

How to strut your social media content like a pro

Content is a key driver on social media. Whether you create it yourself, or simply share it, your content needs to be relevant and useful.

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 13 May 2014

How to tell if your business needs social media

Surprised that this is even a topic for discussion? Don't be. Many are still debating the relevance of social media as an integral part of business in SA.

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 24 Apr 2014

Balance: Don't mention the war!

We spend a significant part of our lives chasing a salary that'll enable us to afford to buy a home. Then we spend a significant part of our day away from that home, to earn enough money to be able to keep it.

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 4 Mar 2014

Social media: If you cook it, will they come?

Whether you're an expert or a novice, sticking to the basics when using social media will save you a lot of time and gain you considerable traction, over time.

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 3 Feb 2014

Time: How have you spent your 525,600 so far?

If you subscribe to the old adage, "Time is money," then belated congratulations are in order! On 1 January 2014 you were awarded all of 525,600 'spending minutes' for the year.

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 22 Jan 2014

Ready to exchange the boardroom for the studio?

Are you charged with the adrenalin from having endured more than your fair share of 'flack' in your job? Then you may feel justified in diving headlong into the abyss of perceived 'instant freedom' of the self-employed. But first read on, before you hand over 'The Letter'.

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 12 Dec 2013

Four perils of a 'December mindset'

At the time of writing this article there were 34 days to go, before the end of 2013. This is a time during which we should start a paradigm shift, to seeing 2013 for what it is: The year that's gone by. Right? Wrong!

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 29 Nov 2013

How to inject humour into your brand

Do your customers and staff struggle to find the 'funny bone' in your biz? Is humour a taboo in your business culture?

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 20 Nov 2013

How to pull off a shoestring launch - and make it count

Does the thought of a launch send you spiralling into a frenzy, complete with sweaty palms? Do you liken a launch to mind-numbing bills and a precarious bank balance? (video)

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 27 Oct 2013

The employee's guide to complaining

Employee complaints have a legitimate place in business, with some tempering needed - in some cases more than others.

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 31 Jul 2013

Five leadership faux pas

Why is it that some leaders have their employees 'eating out of their hands', while others consistently face resistance, apathy or even chagrin?

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 11 Jul 2013

Leadership: mistakes, apologies and permission

While it's prudent to take direction from the experts, it's as important to heed feedback from those at the receiving end of leadership.

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 10 Jun 2013

Employee engagement - a non-negotiable

Business is about maintaining and growing a healthy bottom line. Satisfied customers are what make that bottom line possible. The missing piece in this puzzle is the motivated employees.

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 16 May 2013

Leadership: it's the brass tacks that count

Carducci. Chanel. Prada. If only a positive leadership image stopped at good dress sense. The impression that employees hold of their leaders is as critical as the messages that they deliver.

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 3 May 2013

Communication: Smell the change

It was the 6th century Greek philosopher, Heraclitus who said, "The only thing that is constant is change." No truer words could be spoken in the context of communication - in this case, internal communication.

By Catherine Milward-Bridges 9 Apr 2013

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