My role at Influencer Matchmaker involves working with both brands and influencers to form effective and mutually beneficial partnerships. I have represented many well-known influencers and celebrities and built relationships with countless international brands.
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AI predicted to futureproof the influencer industry

We're now living in a world dominated by technology and digitisation. Whatever the business or industry may be, technology is sure to be at the heart of it...

By Amelia Neate 26 Feb 2021

Will livestreaming become the next step in influencer marketing?

2020 has changed the world in more ways than one, and with digital communications moving faster than ever before, many of us are questioning if it's just a phase or if it will stick around?

By Amelia Neate 10 Dec 2020

Popularity vs. Personalisation: Which is a better influencer marketing tactic?

With influencer marketing continuing to grow at a rapid rate, digital marketeers are needing to justify their expense. Amelia Neate, senior manager at Influencer Matchmaker explains why brands should be considering personalisation over popularity as a better metric to help reach your goals...

By Amelia Neate 7 Dec 2020

Could influencers be the answer to John Lewis ads?

With just a few weeks until Christmas, it's time to cosy up and watch the most anticipated advert of each and every year. The John Lewis and Partners Christmas ad has marked the start of the festive period for many years...

By Amelia Neate 25 Nov 2020

How 'power pairs' are shaping influencer marketing

February is the month of love and in the influencer community those who pair off as a couple may just find themselves a top pick for brands...

By Amelia Neate 21 Feb 2020

Influencers vs advertising: How has consumer mindset changed the way we buy?

Our screens are filled every day with an array of adverts tempting us to spend, spend, spend - but in an era when consumers value a more personal experience, is the power of the traditional paid ad coming to an end?...

By Amelia Neate 30 Jan 2020

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