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Amanda is the founder & CEO of Truth. Amanda's extensive experience in the field of Loyalty & CRM has put Truth at the forefront of loyalty in South Africa. She enabled customer-led sales and marketing strategies across the UK, Africa, Middle East and India, at British Airways for 11 years.

She has also spearheaded the Customer (CRM) division at Woolworths, South Africa's no. 1 premium retailer.
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Who says loyalty doesn't pay?

So many articles were written last year, making reference to the fact that loyalty doesn't pay. So many radio interviews, one of which I was part of, on Bruce Whitfield's Money Show, were questioning whether loyalty pays.

By Amanda Cromhout 9 Apr 2014

Value of segmentation models in marketing

Sounds easy doesn't it? But how do you start such a strategy? Do you even know who your most profitable customers are?

By Amanda Cromhout 15 May 2013

Loyalty is about engagement not points

The title of this piece is a "catch-phrase" beckoning throughout the global loyalty industry and is seen as one of the top loyalty trends of 2012. I say "globally", because coming from the South African loyalty market place, I can confidently state that South Africa is quickly catching up with the global landscape.

By Amanda Cromhout 4 Dec 2012

The Iceberg Effect

Have you ever considered the power of the ice-mass below the surface of the waterline versus the small ice peak above the surface?

By Amanda Cromhout 27 Aug 2010

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