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Content Strategist at Yellowwood
Misconceptions about marketing "in Africa"

With some of the fast-growing economies in the world on our doorstep and growth sluggish at home, more and more South African brands are getting serious about expanding "into Africa"...

By Al Mackay 25 Mar 2015

Branding without culture

I was really amused the other day, while watching an episode of The Simpsons on TV, to see a pair of weird, deadpan New Zealander musicians as the stars of the show...

By Al Mackay 7 Nov 2014

Keeping local brands strong, twenty years into democracy

Have South African marketers assumed that local brands are automatically more relevant to South African consumers than global brands are?

By Al Mackay 25 Jun 2014

Building great brands in 2014

Building powerful brands is like investing in the stock market - you need to anticipate and respond to important shifts in context, but you also can't panic with every market fluctuation. It is important to distinguish between fads and game-changers, to get the fundamentals right, and to hold a long-term view.

By Al Mackay, Issued by Yellowwood Future Architects 4 Feb 2014

Creating global South African brands, one expat at a time

I recently read an article in Harvard Business Review that I found fascinating. It's on diaspora marketing; how emerging market brands can go global by targeting their diasporas in the West.

By Al Mackay 28 Nov 2013

How to build a 'learning culture' in your organisation

Leading organisations centre everything they do on consumer insight. Most marketers understand the importance of real, deep, intuitive insight into their markets - it helps them create messaging that resonates and produce products and services that meet functional, emotional and social needs.

By Al Mackay 4 Sep 2013

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