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Join the Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit in empowering Africa's future

Since its inception in 2017, the Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit has firmly established itself as a leading thought leadership platform on the African continent. Hosted by the Shared Value Africa Initiative and organised by Shift Impact Africa, the summit has consistently brought together leadership, businesses and organisations dedicated to business and social transformation throughout the African continent. We extend an exclusive invitation for your organisation to seize a pivotal role in shaping the 2024 edition, an extraordinary opportunity to unite organisations from every corner of Africa in pursuit of a shared vision for progress.
Join the Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit in empowering Africa's future

This summit wields remarkable influence in being a catalyst for transformative change within organisations and across society at large – through raising awareness of the shared value business management concept and its power to advance both business and society, as well as facilitating collaboration and business expansion. These gatherings serve as dynamic hub for knowledge exchange, fostering collaboration, and igniting innovative thinking – with heads of industry providing insights, perspectives and best practice case studies in accelerating Africa’s sustainability. Furthermore, attendees gain fresh insights, gleaned from diverse perspectives, challenging conventional wisdom and sparking new ideas.

The 2024 Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit, to be hosted on 24 to 25 October in Nairobi, Kenya, will continue to build on this history and reputation. A flagship event, and grand gathering of purpose-driven business leaders from across Africa to advance the collective agenda to achieve the Africa We Want. The summit will be curated under the theme 'Empowering Africa’s Future', the summit will highlight interventions through five topical areas: economic growth, climate action, inclusive health, gender equality, technology as an enabler.

This is an event that will facilitate vital connections, enabling cross-pollination of expertise across industries and sectors – and supporting our belief in the power of the collective. Over the two days, the exchange of best practices, success stories, and lessons learned empowers organisations to adapt swiftly to evolving landscapes. Here, as a collective, we can cultivate a culture of continuous learning and adaptability, driving organisations to proactively embrace change, and ultimately, thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Through keynote addresses, round table discussions, fireside chats and interviews, as well as breakaway sessions, all aimed at influencing a broader collective by demonstrating scalable impact and value creation.

By sponsoring the Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit, your organisation will be part of this dynamic two-day event, not only as a brand, but also a thought leader, with your participation specially curated to highlight and align with your business and sustainability objectives.

The countdown to the 2024 Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit has begun, and you can join now and be part of this lead-up campaign – not only will special rates apply for early bird sponsors, but you will benefit for even longer from the marketing exposure and thought leadership engagement.

For more information on the Africa Shared Value Leadership Summit sponsorship opportunities, please contact Vuyo Lutseke on acirfa.tcapmitfihs@oyuv or +27 73 269 0815.

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