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Ebrahim Harvey responds to our last video with him.

Ebrahim Harvey responds to our last video with him.


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    Green energy boom and its impact on jobs in SA

    In 2023, South Africa experienced a surge in vacancies for green energy jobs, reflecting a notable shift towards sustainable energy alternatives in response to the ongoing energy crisis. Paul Byrne, the head of Insights at CareerJunction discusses the burgeoning landscape of green energy careers. His insights shed light on the evolving trends and opportunities in the South African job market, specifically within the renewable energy sector.
    Image: Supplied
    Image: Supplied

    Trends and market dynamics

    The increase in green energy job opportunities is a direct response to the pressing need for sustainable energy solutions due to the shortcomings of mainstream commercial power providers.

    Byrne explains, “We anticipate continued growth as new jobs are born out of the demand to service the green energy sector. This is being forced by our need to find sustainable energy alternatives because of the failings of Eskom; the demand is accelerating.”

    This trend is not just about existing green energy jobs; it's about the birth of entirely new industries and opportunities. From maintenance, repair, and manufacturing of energy systems to research and development aimed at enhancing the efficiency of solar technologies, the green energy sector is destined to drive multifaceted growth.

    “We see the impact going as far as the finance industry as companies develop and market more affordable payment solutions for otherwise expensive installations. And so, the list goes on.”

    Addressing the energy crisis

    The increase in green energy job opportunities mirrors South Africa's efforts to combat the energy crisis.

    “Need is a driver of demand. Households and businesses that can afford to install alternative energy solutions are doing this en masse to avoid the inconvenience of load shedding,” says Byrne.

    Individuals and businesses in a position to afford alternative energy solutions are swiftly adopting these to circumvent the inconvenience of scheduled (and unscheduled) power outages and reduce reliance on traditional energy providers.

    “Government is not the driver here; this acceleration into the future of our greener energy is purely driven by our need to find alternatives to a failing monopolistic system.”

    Fossil fuels to renewable sources and global goals

    The transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources aligns with broader global sustainability goals. The urgency in South Africa stems from a dire need for a reliable power supply. While the momentum towards a greener economy is accelerated by necessity, the government is gradually joining the movement. However, their heavy reliance on fossil fuels to maintain the current power supply complicates achieving sustainability targets.

    Continuous development

    For individuals seeking to enter the green energy field, continuous education and skill development are crucial. Adapting skills to match the sector’s needs and regularly updating CVs on online platforms enhances visibility and accessibility to potential employers.

    Anticipating the future of green energy jobs

    The future of green energy jobs in South Africa looks promising.

    “As we learn more about how to harness and manage green energy, we are going to see a spinoff of jobs that probably don’t even exist today,” Byrne continues.

    “Companies have to focus on zero emission targets and their ECG scores. This is driving change. Not only is this drive going to be important for securing future business but also future talent. Job seekers are placing a growing importance on the reputation of companies that they consider working for.”

    This evolution isn’t just pivotal for business success but also in attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent. Job seekers increasingly value a company's purpose, culture, and its commitment to career development, setting the stage for long-term environmental sustainability efforts.

    In conclusion, the surge in green energy job opportunities in South Africa isn’t just a reflection of a growing industry. It’s an evolution driven by an urgent need for sustainability and the transformation is multifaceted, spawning new job roles, and steering the country towards a more environmentally conscious future.

    This promising landscape not only offers an array of career opportunities but also serves as a testament to the country’s collective efforts towards a more sustainable and resilient energy future. The green energy job market is not just a sectoral transformation, it's a collective step towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future for South Africa and its people.

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