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Infobip launches AI Hub in collaboration with Microsoft

Infobip, a global cloud communications platform, introduces AI Hub - an extensive artificial intelligence upgrade - enabling businesses to enhance end-to-end conversational experiences throughout the entire customer journey.
Source: Silvio Kutic, chief executive officer at Infobip.
Source: Silvio Kutic, chief executive officer at Infobip.

Integrating advanced analytics, AI, and generative AI features with Infobip’s core Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portfolio, AI Hub supports digital transformation.

It enables businesses and brands to build end-to-end conversational customer journeys, enhancing customer engagement whether for marketing, sales or support and driving business growth with minimal effort and no coding knowledge.

In launching Infobip AI Hub, the global cloud communications platform collaborated with Microsoft to develop new ways of integrating generative AI within its customer engagement suite and offer even more conversational experiences to consumers.

Infobip integrated OpenAI’s ChatGPT model through Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service into its Infobip AI Hub to help ensure that Infobip-used language models are secure, isolated from the outside world and no end-customers’ data is exposed to potential security threats.

Becoming a conversational ecosystem

Enhancing Infobip’s global communications platform, AI Hub enables organisations to create tailored customer experiences with the help of generative AI and advanced analytics to drive conversational transformation for their customers. Brands can build journeys across the full range of customer experiences, whether for support, marketing, or sales.

With Infobip AI Hub businesses can, for instance:

  • Use an AI co-pilot to help navigate the platform and fulfill an automate workflow for tasks, such as customer journey generation and right marketing campaign development, which will enable brands to increase conversions, sales or reduce costs by creating an optimised end-to-end customer engagement journey using GenAI. Examples include purchasing flows where it’s possible to re-engage the consumer over chat channels to keep bringing them back into purchasing flows.
  • Create the right campaigns across social-media channels and email campaigns to promote products using generative AI to create the draft copy and visuals.
  • Ensure customer loyalty through a smart nurture program, with advanced analytics, customer behaviour, and sentiment tracking plus churn prediction.
  • Leverage AI client insights, giving detailed insights on their profile and predicting next action.
  • Assist agents by providing AI analysed insights, previous call summaries and suggested replies.
  • Create conversational experiences in chatbots with virtual agents, trained and constrained on the specific client datasets.

Businesses and brands can use AI Hub as a full stack or component product to complement other tools, such as Salesforce and HubSpot.

The launch supports Infobip’s strategy of becoming a conversational ecosystem that enables digital transformation in the conversational age.

Infobip recently helped digital insurance business LAQO create 24/7 customer support through a GPT-enabled chatbot providing fast, accessible, and personalised responses to customer queries.

The chatbot frees customer-agent time to focus on more complex issues and offers scalable customer service.

The evolution of customer journeys

Silvio Kutić, chief executive officer at Infobip, said: “The customer journey is evolving from a fragmented experience across multiple channels to a conversational experience in one place. Cloud infrastructure, conversational chat apps and generative AI now allow conversations between businesses and consumers, enriching customer experiences and consolidating disparate customer journeys into one seamless experience.

“To facilitate this transition, we have launched AI Hub, which provides an end-to-end platform across the full customer journey integrating and upgrading current Infobip SaaS solutions with AI and connecting marketing, with sales and support.”

  • In September 2023, Infobip was recognised for its execution ability, and its completeness of vision in the first Magic Quadrant for the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market.
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