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10th Annual Lex-Informatica CyberLaw/ICT Conference 2019

In today's electronic and digital world our laws have had to evolve to cater for electronic transactions. The use of data messages in e-commerce and crypto currency raises the question as to whether the personal data of data subjects is kept private, safe and secure in the cyber space.
Whether you are at the office, or at home, we use electronic gadgets to socialise online or buy goods or services on the internet which has become a one-stop shop to procure and purchase according to all the needs of cyber citizens. In light of cyber security breaches and cyber criminality, it is important to have the correct knowledge to handle any threats. These are just a few topics that our expert speakers will speak, lecture, elaborate and advise on.

10th Annual SA CyberLaw/ICT Conference:

Date: 15-16 August 2019
Venue: Garden Court, O R Tambo International Airport
Cost: R8999 Per/Delegate

Our distinguished speakers:
  • Mr Lucien Pierce
  • Mr Sizwe Snail KaMtuze
  • Mr Russel Luck
    (Swift Tech Law)
  • Ms. Pria Chetty
  • Mr Maeson Maherry
    (Law Trust)
  • Dr. Sylvia Papadopoulos
    (University of Pretoria)
  • Mr Paul Esselaar
    (Novation Consulting)
  • Adv. Lufuno Khorombi
  • Mr Peter Frye
    (Risk Diversion)
  • Mr Mark Palmer
  • Ms Tumelo Mashabela
    (Mashabela IP)
Download the registration form here.

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