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#AfricaMonth: "It's time to celebrate cultural nuances in creativity" - Andrew Human

With the Loeries' strong focus on celebrating locally relevant creativity, the tail-end of #AfricaMonth is always a good time to catch up with CEO Andrew Human. Here, he shares his thoughts on the way regional cultural nuances and differences affect creativity and why we need to stop looking for campaigns that will resonate globally.
Andrew Human at the most recent Loeries.

#ICMYI: This year’s Loeries Creative Week will include award nights on the Friday and Saturday, as opposed to the Saturday and Sunday nights as we’ve become accustomed to in the past. There have also been changes made to the way to Loeries official rankings are structured, and entry deadline has been extended by a further week.

Chance to win golden bird extended

Creatives in the advertising and brand communication industry across Africa and the Middle East have been given an extra week to finalise and submit their entry to stand a chance to win a coveted Loerie Award...

Issued by Loeries 31 May 2018

Here, Human explains how the change to the rankings’ structure in this, the Loeries’ 40th year, will result in more comprehensive reporting on local markets – just what we need to celebrate true creativity in Africa…

BizcommunityTalk us through the importance of celebrating creativity in Africa, and original African ideas at that – not trying to fit a Western idea onto these markets.

I think people across the globe all want similar things – to love and be loved, to be happy, and to be successful are some universal desires. However, the way in which we communicate things – our feelings and emotions – differs across societies.
It’s important that we recognise the cultural nuances and differences throughout our region. “Africa” is unfortunately often seen as one culture but the differences are massive: Nigeria and Kenya are about as similar as England and France.
BizcommunityElaborate on what the Loeries has done for creativity in the region so far.

As a regional show, the Loeries emphasises ‘locally relevant creativity.’ Rather than look for campaigns that will resonate globally, or in the Western centres of New York and London, the jury is instructed to seek out local relevance – work made in Kenya for Kenyans, made in Egypt for Egyptians, made in South Africa for South Africans.

#Loeries2017: Andrew Human's Regional Roadshow highlights

Loeries CEO Andrew Human chats about the Loeries' recent Regional Roadshow that covered Lagos and Nairobi while also sharing tips to boost your personal creativity...

By Leigh Andrews 17 Mar 2017

The Loeries Official Rankings is the only index for the advertising and brand communications industry that looks across the whole region and provides a measure of who’s doing what.

This is important as a driver of improved creative quality and as countries begin to participate this benchmark allows them to measure themselves against the rest of the region and is an incentive to do better work.

Changes made to Loeries Official Rankings

The Loeries announced that from this year's awards in August, it is including points for finalists in its Official Rankings across Africa and the Middle East...

4 Apr 2018

From 2018, the Loeries is including finalists in the rankings, specifically as a way to drill deeper into the performance across smaller and emerging countries. With this, we will be able to report more comprehensively on local markets, such as West Africa, East Africa, North Africa and Southern Africa.

BizcommunityHow does creativity differ across the continent to the work we tend to see in SA?

Great creative ideas transcend borders – a great idea is recognised no matter where it comes from.

However, some markets are more advanced than others, and I think most creative work is done on premium and luxury goods – because these are brands that build an emotive relationship with the consumer rather than focus on the bare facts or price point.

So, South Africa, with the most developed economy in Africa, tends to have a broader premium market than other African countries, and with this comes more emotive – and creative – advertising. But we can see similar great work emerging from other markets, like Guinness in Nigeria and Safaricom in Kenya, to name just a couple of leading brands.

BizcommunityLastly, what can SA agencies and marketers do to up their creativity, specifically in terms of local/homegrown brand messaging – when they feel stuck in a rut?

When you feel stuck in a rut, the best thing to do is to get away from your desk and find inspiration.

with... Andrew Human

While you probably know of him from his run as Loeries CEO, in his past life, Andrew Human was the world's leading expert on the electrochemical behaviour of cemented carbides. He says you definitely don't know him for his dancing...

By Leigh Andrews 10 Jun 2016

As Garrick Hamm, one of our past jury presidents said – the only place he’s not creative, is at his desk.

Time to get creative, wherever you are – there’s still time to submit your best creative work as the Loeries 2018 deadline has been extended again to 7 June. Visit our Loeries Creative Week special section to keep your finger on that creative pulse if you can’t wait for Loeries Creative Week Durban, taking place again from 16 to 19 August 2018.
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