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Two of Ireland/Davenport's Loerie wins withdrawn

Two Loeries Award entries submitted by Ireland/Davenport that went on to receive awards have been withdrawn by the Loeries.
Ireland Davenport's Gold for its New Voice Non-English Radio entry, ABSA Funeral Plan, "Abashwe" as well as Bronze for its New Voice Non-English Radio entry, Fox International Channel's "The Simpsons Crime Report" did not meet entry criteria.

The New Voice category for non-English radio was created by the Loeries to promote the use of South Africa's non-English languages. Until this year, pro-active work that had not been flighted was eligible. However, from the beginning of 2014, this category was brought in line with all other categories of the Loeries: All work must be commercially published, launched or aired to a substantial audience for the first time between 1 June 2013 and 13 June 2014.

Rules changed, honest mistake

Unfortunately, Ireland/Davenport did not make themselves aware of the change to the rules and submitted work for this category that had not flighted. While the responsibility rests with the entrant to ensure that all entry criteria are met, the Loeries accepts that this was an honest mistake.

"It is important that all entries meet our entry criteria," says Loeries CEO, Andrew Human. "From this year, all entries require a signature from the company head accepting all the terms and conditions of entry. We have a zero-tolerance policy and will continue to ensure that all the rules of entry are enforced."

Winners table adjusted

As a result of these changes, a total of 254 awards were handed out in the main categories, with the winners being broken down as follows:

Prof non-craft entries 1453
Prof craft entries 739
Grand Prix4
Craft Gold17314
Craft Certificate44539

View the full list of winners here.

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Macayla Sarah
It's an unfortunate thing to happen but at least the agency was honest in making the mistake and the Loeries upholds its rules for all. Its easy to make the mistake not knowing the rules had changed and I think they were still great pieces of work regardless.
Posted on 7 Oct 2014 14:32



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