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Hanover Park counts the cost of recent storm

Hanover Park is still contending with the aftermath of the recent storm. This past Friday's cold front damaged at least 20 formal homes and 10 backyard dwellings.
Source: Pexels

Several roofs had been blown off properties and residents are seeking emergency shelter at a local church.

Hanover Park continues to grapple with the aftermath of the recent storm. Last Friday's cold front wreaked havoc, damaging over 20 formal homes and 10 backyard structures. Numerous roofs were torn off properties, prompting residents to seek refuge in a nearby church for emergency shelter.

Panic stricken locals reported a mini tornado tore through parts of Hanover Park describing seeing dark twisted like wind, but The Weather Service confirmed it was a landspout that hit the area.

Tornadoes and landspouts are both rotating columns of air that extend from a thunderstorm to the ground, but they form through different processes.

Tornadoes typically form from supercell thunderstorms, which are large, severe thunderstorms characterised by a rotating updraft. The rotating updraft can develop into a tornado.

Landspouts, on the other hand, typically form from non-supercell thunderstorms. They are often associated with smaller cumulus clouds, or other low-precipitation storm types.

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