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Cape Town: The city that keeps on growing and growing

Our Mother City has many captivating qualities and is the top "semigration" destination in South Africa.
Cape Town: The city that keeps on growing and growing

An interesting fact is that the population of the city, South Africa’s legislative capital and capital of the Western Cape, has grown from approximately 3,795,000 in 2012 to 4,801,000 in 2022. That is a growth of more than a million people in just 10 years.

Capital Legacy, South Africa’s leading Wills and Estates specialists have also grown in the past 10 years, from just seven employees in 2012 to the 1,000 people it currently employs countrywide.

The Cape Town branch was launched nine years ago in 2013.

The Cape Town office had a humble beginning and was housed in the offices of a supporting brokerage firm. The firm, it might be added, is still one of Capital Legacy’s supporters. Hayley Stewien, the first employee of Capital Legacy, and still working for the company, was delegated to establish the regional office together with Shaun Stewien.

“I have the honour of being the first employee for Capital Legacy. Shaun and I both opened the office in Cape Town. We moved down from Johannesburg in April 2013 and officially opened our office in May 2013. By office, I mean that it was a small room with two desks, a kettle, and calls were transferred by means of moving the phone from one desk to the other,” Hayley recalls fondly.

And more than nine years later both are still enthusiastically at it.

Capital Legacy’s Cape Town office now boasts 77 staff members and continues to grow. And as Brandon Garbutt, managing director of Capital Legacy, aptly put it: “With growth comes expansion and in 2022 it was the Cape Town team’s turn to be moving-on-up into their brand-new offices in Century City.”

Cloe Gentz, regional manager of the Western Cape, has been with the company for seven years. She says the incredible space of the offices and view of the city and natural scenery, including Table Mountain, allows for creation and collaboration and is a driver for success.

Capital Legacy realised in 2021 that the business had outgrown the startup branding from 2012. It recognised that it was time to create a new brand that not only represents the business that it had become but also one that would help to define its aspirations for the next 10 years.

So, the company rebranded in 2022.

The company chose yellow as its new corporate colour because it is a celebration of life. At first it might sound strange coming from a Wills company, but if one thinks about it as Capital Legacy does, one realises that what the company does is not necessarily only for the Client drafting the Will, but for their children and family that survives them.

Capital Legacy is very proud of the fact that its offices in Cape Town reflect its celebration of life.


Camissa, “the place of sweet waters” is the name originally given by the Khoisan to the 13 springs that flows down Table Mountain and underneath Cape Town. Symbolically, Camissa represents life. And in a fantastic coincidence, Capital Legacy and its office in Cape Town reflect the celebration of life.

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