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Yoco encourages entrepreneurs to #JustStart

Yoco believes that unless they are providing significant, ongoing, and measurable value to entrepreneurs and their small businesses, they're not meeting their mandate. As such, Yoco is pioneering a new way to engage: its #JustStart campaign.

This highly integrated campaign guides entrepreneurs through the full startup journey - from casual idea, to taking the plunge, through growth, employing staff, and beyond.

The campaign employs various content elements, including in-depth, authentic entrepreneur stories (online), and most excitingly – a completely free, six-part online course.

Matt Brownell, head of brand marketing at Yoco, says, “We believe in small businesses, and we know they have critical role to play in the South African economy. We are also close to a large number of merchants and small businesses, and we understand the daily struggles they face.

“Yoco is in a fairly unique position, in that we have access to vaults of information that could mean the difference between small business success or failure.”

Using direct feedback from almost 4,000 small business owners, who participated in a survey and highlighted their pain points, challenges, and “things they wish they had known”, Yoco has built a course focusing on the fundamentals of starting a new business. The course is interactive and provides both knowledge and encouragement to would-be and established entrepreneurs.

Additionally, it is hosting three #JustStart events in Polokwane, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein (research suggests these regions do not have enough startup support), and has compiled a research-based white paper for small business owners, from small business owners.

By establishing a strong network, which includes both expert advice and peer learning, Yoco is providing individuals with the tools and support needed to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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