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Culinary education hits the road

South African culinary school, Capsicum Culinary Studio, has launched its very own food trucks, which will be run by the school's students. Through the Capsicum Combis, students will gain practical experience and learn to become successful entrepreneurs while earning a small income and, at the same time, provide customers with affordable and tasty street food.
The Capsicum Combi with (L-R): Tahlita Williams, Bontle Gumbi, Chef Ukhonaye Mconi and Chantel Williams
Photo: Grant Bushby

Decked out in the school’s official red and white colours, The Capsicum Combis will also come fitted with a widescreen TV monitor on the roof to allow for the screening of demonstrations, videos and to advertise upcoming events.

Says Capsicum’s marketing manager Janette Engelbrecht: “We are very proud of The Capsicum Combis and we think it’s the perfect vehicle – excuse the pun – to teach our students how to run their own businesses and become entrepreneurs.

“Students will be in charge of running the kitchen in the combi, drawing up a list of food items that they will ultimately prepare and serve, and budgeting accordingly so that it runs as a successful and profitable concern.”

The Capsicum Combi with (L-R): Tahlita Williams, Bontle Gumbi, and Chef Ukhonaye Mconi
Photo: Grant Bushby

Currently, there are two Capsicum Combis, one based in Gauteng and the other – already dubbed the Capsicum Coastal Combi – will be rotated between the Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town campuses.

For those living in Johannesburg the red and white mobile kitchen can be spotted over the next few weeks in and around the city and suburbs dishing up fabulous fare to passers by. Cape Town locales will be announced soon.
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