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High school kickstarz learn to shine with financial literacy programme

The winners of the Metropolitan Kickstarz programme at the Cape's Soneike High School were named on Friday, 20 April 2018, following the Grade 11 finalists presentations of their projects in front of their fellow students and the judges.

The emcee - Kyeezi of Good Hope FM - kicked off the event with the announcement of the six final teams. He explained that usually only five were selected to present in the finals but the caliber was such that six were given an opportunity to vie for the title.

The six teams were:
  • Sikuto
  • Concept CPT
  • Iconic
  • Exposure
  • Mufasa
  • Load Force
A team of break dancers kept the audience entertained while the finalists prepped for their presentation.

The event was the culmination of the Grade 11's two-week-long financial literacy project where, with the help of teachers and mentors, they created a sneaker company complete with branding and product design. There they learned what was required to set up and run a business and its financial management, as well as the importance of saving and budgeting.

"The lessons were designed in such a way that they are fun, vibrant and age-relevant - in essence the students were entertained and creatively engaged at the same time that they were learning, which helps them to remember what they have learned so that they can put it into practice later on when they really need to. There were six content pillars broken down into four lessons, with two Metropolitan mentors guiding the process. The pupils were tasked with creating a business – a sneaker company – within groups," explained Elsie Govender, Metropolitan's CSI Manager.

During the final presentation, each team had to explain what they felt it meant to be an entrepreneur, along with the inspiration behind their brand and their target market. They were also required to give a breakdown of their budget.

In the end, the self-confessed underdogs Load Force made the greatest impression on the judging panel, headed by 5fm's DJ Lloyd, and were awarded the title of Soneike High School's Metro Kickstarz for 2018.

Kickstarz MC, Kyeezi, with programme judge, DJ Lloyd

"We launched Kickstarz [in 2016] to address the financial vulnerability and lack of financial literacy in South Africa," said Govender. "The programme was a strategic way of targeting the youth as part of the wider MMI CSI strategy on consumer education. We are focusing on young people because we believe it is important to make a difference in their attitude towards money and to equip them with healthy financial habits. This in turn can positively effect our economy in the future."

For more information or to get your school involved in the Metro Kickstarz programme, contact the Metropolitan CSI office at +27 (0)21 940 5911.
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