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F1 testing 2022: What have we learned?

It's that time of year when F1 testing 2022 has taken its course and all pundits and armchair warriors begin to speculate as to what to expect for the 2022 season, but what are the facts?
F1 testing 2022: What have we learned?

The cars look pretty. They have big wheels. Engineers/designers of the ten racing teams have come up with novel ideas and designs. Some of them have worked well, while others seemed to have failed spectacularly. Whenever Mercedes comes up with an idea, everybody is afraid and prepare to launch a protest. Each team is secretive and the “cloak-and-dagger” scenario presented itself at each test, with some teams making vast differences to their car design post-presentation and between tests. With the new regulations coming into play, each team will have their own interpretation of the rules and attempt to find a loophole in each one of them.

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