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Funny magic On Broadway

I've always been a fan of magic; I'm absolutely intrigued by illusions and spend an enormous amount of energy trying to figure out just how magicians pull off their tricks. How do we see it, and then suddenly don't, how does one ball become three, how do solid links suddenly connect...US comedian slash magician, Ran'D Shine, will attempt to show you how.
Ran'D Shine's show, called "Mysterious Ways" is running at On Broadway on 28 - 30 June 2009 in Cape Town. It's a part comedy, part magic show that includes plenty of audience participation. Ran'D Shine is a great entertainer, keeping the crowd captivated at all times. He has a silly sense of humor that may have you shaking your head and grinning broadly cos he's funny, not roll on the floor laughing your a$# off funny, but just plain funny.

Whether it's worth braving the stormy weather bothering the Mother City at the moment, is another issue altogether but I can guarantee you'll get your monies worth. On Broadway is a cosy venue perfect for an intimate night out on the town so take someone you might want to snuggle up with along and let the mysterious ways of the mind sweep you up and in.
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About Sindy Peters

Sindy Peters (@sindy_hullaba_lou) is managing editor at She can be reached at .

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