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The dawn of a new media Empire

It's arrogant, brash, rude, loves creativity and the written word and is unashamedly positioned at the intelligentsia of the market. It's the Maverick team's new glossy business magazine positioned at the media and creative industry: Empire. And it couldn't have come at a more appropriate time in the current power struggle between media and Government.
The power shifts in the media landscape and the battles over press freedom and what is 'public interest' in the past year have catapulted the media industry into the public spotlight leading to fierce debates. Empire, which will be available to consumers on shelf, is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this more mainstream interest, particularly in an election year where politicians will use and abuse the media more than ever.

Bizcommunity.com has a running poll on our home page at present with the question: 'Is media freedom in SA under threat?' Over 82% have voted 'YES' out of the 872 votes so far in the snap poll. (That's almost as many votes as those who participated in our pre-rugby world cup 'final score' vote on how much the Springboks would beat England by!)

This is by no means a scientific indication of how the state of media is shifting into top of mind awareness, but the current context could ensure Empire's long term success. Either way, you won't be able to ignore it!

As the editors... Branko Brkic (Maverick founder), Kevin Bloom, Phillip de Wet and Tanya Pampalone explain in their first editorial column:
    Who's this magazine for? If you've never looked at a painting on a wall and been transfixed, if you've never been profoundly shaken by a passage of literature, if you've never cried in a movie house while the credits roll, then it's not for you. But if you appreciate the craft and skill it takes to sustain an eight-page piece of narrative journalism, if a superbly staged profile photograph is what turns you on, if you're fascinated by the intractable persona of the musician or actor or comedian, then we hope we impress you. Because, every hour of every day, South Africa's creative professionals stand (sometimes hopeful, sometimes terrified) before a canvas of unfathomable richness and try to tell the country's story. This magazine is about them.
There could only be one person on the cover and that is the media man of the moment, Sunday Times editor Mondli Makhanya interviewed by none other than Rian Malan. Columnists include Peter Bruce, Justice Malala and Ronald Suresh Roberts. Issues debated in the first issue include the Media24 circulation fiasco and of course the questions thrown up by the Sunday Times-Manto fight on media freedom.
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About Louise Marsland

Louise Marsland is currently Africa Editor: Bizcommunity.com; a Content Strategist and Trainer; and Trend Curator for Bizcommunity.com and her own TRENDAFRiCA.co.za. She has been writing about the media, marketing and advertising communications industry in South Africa for over 20 years, notably, as the previous Editor of Bizcommunity.com Media & Marketing; Editor-in-Chief AdVantage magazine; Editor Marketing Mix magazine; Editor Progressive Retailing magazine; Editor Business Brief magazine and Editor FMCG Files ezine.
Charles Roberts
Maverick is a superb production and worthy of the highest journalism accolades that one can give. The balance and insight achieved in its reporting is unparalleled in any other publication I can recall. Most importantly it is utterly readable. Well done Maverick.
Posted on 2 Nov 2007 13:03
Mathumo Manaka
content credibility is a question.-
Great, looking forward to it. I wonder who the media owners?
Posted on 2 Nov 2007 15:40
arrogant, brash, rude-
"It's arrogant, brash, rude" - thought you were talking about Kevin Bloom but I see you are referring to the magazine! How can you launch a media magazine with the same name as a very well known movie mag? Expect a call from EMAP's lawyers pretty soon!
Posted on 5 Nov 2007 14:52
Almost read it cover to cover last week-
It had me glued to my couch!
Posted on 8 Nov 2007 16:34