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New forensic pathology facility due to open mid-2021

The R287m Observatory Forensic Pathology Institute (OFPI) is expected to come online in mid-2021, if everything goes according to plan.
Observatory Forensic Pathology Institute
Once completed, the facility will offer modern, purpose-built level four forensic pathology services that will replace the existing forensic pathology facility in Salt River. The specialised design and construction is of a highly complex nature and takes into consideration processes aimed at extracting, analysing and preserving the integrity of evidence for use within the criminal justice system.

The OFPI building project entails intrinsic, labour-intensive methods that provides a number of short-term work opportunities and skills training for locals. To date, a total of R21mwas reserved and assigned to targeted enterprises, R15m to suppliers and manufacturers, and R3m to local labour.

Although there have been several delays as a result of specifications of various infrastructure details, recent delays due to lost time during the nationwide lockdown and Covid-19 protocols, permanent water connections, delayed commissioning services, direct contractor delays and additional scope has extended the project completion date.
Source: Western Cape Government



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