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Prepare for 2022 with strategic business sessions

Every successful business has a plan and knows where it is heading in the future. Setting a plan with goals, target dates, and a purpose should be finalised before embarking on a business. Taking the time on an ongoing basis to review the company's past performance, and predict its future performance, gives it a road map to follow. Without strategic planning, which is knowing the current state of your business and where you want it to go, most companies will fail. A strategic plan allows you to see what is essential, how to get there, the pitfalls to avoid, and the noise to ignore.
Jeanie Britz
Jeanie Britz
Jeanie Britz, founder, established JB Strategy Maker in October 2019 with the purpose of providing a comprehensive alternative to help individuals and businesses grow via her servant leadership approach. JB Strategy Maker follows a contemporary approach combining intuition with analytics, emphasising leadership, innovation, alignment and integration. With experience of more than 25 years in sales and marketing, five years in digital marketing, and 15 years as an entrepreneur, Jeanie Britz can offer you services unlike that previously available.

A strategic business analysis is multifaceted and involves analysing business data that will enable decision-makers to realign existing systems to meet the needs of all-encompassing entities (e.g., operations, human resources, marketing, finance, IT, etc.). Thereafter, it is critical to initiate the change management process – a series of tasks outlined for a seamless transition from a current state of affairs to a new one without obstructing the workflow or suffering any damages. Consisting of five components:
  • vision – the desired future state of the business;

  • skills – the skills currently available within the organisation;

  • incentives - the reasons for change;

  • resources – people and processes available to help guide the change; and,

  • planning – a comprehensive set of steps for implementing the change.

JB Strategy Maker prides its ability to deploy the necessary measures to administer impactful change according to the desired outcomes.

As we approach the end of the current calendar year, it is time to plan and budget for the 2022/23 financial year! Businesses have to find new and effective strategies to fight a deteriorating economy in South Africa. In a challenging economic climate, organisations that survive and prosper have a clear understanding of how best to acquire, retain and grow their customer base in ways that are aligned with the organisation’s strategic objectives.

Research suggests the following:
  • 10% of organisations achieve at least two-thirds of their strategic objectives

  • 36% achieving between 50%-67% and 54% achieving less than 50%, with only 2% of leaders are confident that they will reach 80-100% of their strategy's objectives.

Whether you're a CEO, strategic officer, solopreneur, part of a mid-management team, or belong to a sales and marketing team, you could benefit from signing up for JB Strategy Maker strategic sessions. By partnering with JB Strategy Maker, you could expect to see higher profitability, higher productivity, improved communications across different functions in the organisation, empowerment of employees, discipline and responsibility, effective time management, and effective resource management.

They have experience in the following industries:
  • Engineering

  • Food & Beverage

  • Consumer Goods

  • Insurance

  • Digital Resources

  • Property

  • Healthcare

  • Professional Services

  • Mining

  • Agriculture

Their strategic approach involves
  • Investigating yesterday (the truth is in the data)

  • Evaluating Today (internal/external locus of control)

  • Exploring Tomorrow (implementing for future growth)

Despite criticism that the marketing discipline has a diminished role and influence within academia and business, there is general agreement that strategic marketing practices could contribute positively to company performance. In light of this JB Strategy Maker is perfectly positioned as its founder became interested in drafting and executing business strategies to help individuals and businesses – an approach which favours all potential clients. JB Strategy Maker can help you cultivate an ethos of strategic thinking and innovation over time and guide enterprises to formulate a strategy founded on data interpretation and intuition through aligned business units and optimised resources.

Whether you are innovating new products, entering new markets, defending your market position, creating new sales channels, or wanting to be more customer-centric, you need to start with a great strategy. JB Strategy Maker leads businesses to implement robust growth strategies through aligned business units by beginning with an in-depth business analysis.

If it is the objective of you and your business to achieve
  • business growth through competitive strategies,

  • personal growth through business coaching sessions,

  • developing staff with sales and marketing training,

  • growth and alignment of your digital footprint;

then you should visit the website of JB Maker Strategy at and complete an online inquiry. They are also contactable via YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook.

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