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Issued by 14 Sep 2020

Remote workers heading out of town

When we talk of semigration now, we are no longer just talking about the familiar pattern of movement from Gauteng to Cape Town, but about the worldwide counter-urbanisation or de-urbanisation movement...

By Berry Everitt 3 Sep 2020

Property market recovery: Shifts in renting to buying

As many challenges as Covid-19 has brought about, an equal amount of opportunities also exists...

By Adrian Goslett 28 Aug 2020

Trend shift in SA home market: More women are first-time buyers than men

Single women are dominating the South African home market with more women first-time home buyers than men for the six years between 2015 and 2020, according to Hayley Ivins-Downes, head of sales at Lightstone Property...

27 Aug 2020

Post Covid-19: How the property market will potentially evolve

In a recent webinar on 'Exploring post-Covid-19 property trends in South Africa', Associate Professor Francois Viruly, University of Cape Town's (UCT) head of the Urban Real Estate Research Unit, looked at the longer-term trends in the country's property market...

27 Aug 2020

Has Covid-19 triggered a fundamental shift in SA's housing market?

The near-universal lockdown of global economies earlier this year as governments attempted to contain the coronavirus is unprecedented...

By Dr Andrew Golding 18 Aug 2020

Covid-19 accelerates global cocooning trend

The global cocooning trend, driven in recent years by progressively convenient digital technology, has been accelerated by Covid-19...

14 Aug 2020

Residential property: 'Spec' investors giving way to owner-occupiers

The current property market is displaying interesting new trends. One of the most welcome is that although the lower prices and even lower interest rates have created a real buyers' market...

By Rowan Alexander 11 Aug 2020

Has Covid-19 triggered a permanent shift away from dense city living?

Currently, 55% of the world's population lives in cities, but densification forecasting in recent years has put that figure closer to 70% by 2050 across both developed and developing nations. However, the recent decentralisation trend...

22 Jul 2020

Some seeking more space while others still see benefit of compact living

While some are heading for more spacious, freestanding homes with open spaces, due to the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown, others, in contrast, still see the benefits of more compact, manageable accommodation...

20 Jul 2020

Trends that should reshape your retirement plans

Today's retirees are living their post-work years completely different from previous generations of pensioners...

19 Mar 2020

Is multi-generational living here to stay?

South Africa seems to be following the multi-generational living trend which is already prevalent in countries like the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom...

18 Mar 2020

Workplace 2020: People and tech trends

Increased automation, AI, robots, 5G, digital everything - the workplace of the future that we've been talking about for so long, is actually here...

By Andrew Robinson 10 Feb 2020

Sharing isn't just caring - it's also impacting the property market

The sharing economy and its cousin the caring economy already have deep cultural roots across South Africa...

By Marcél du Toit 7 Feb 2020

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