Peter Vee

Owner & Director at Vee Station
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Entrepreneur, Designer, Strategist, Freelancer and owner of Vee Station and Rock Star Threads.
Vee Station helps a young prodigy find his entrepreneurial feet

From time to time you meet someone and get the feeling that they possess that spark. You know, the spark that could set the world alight...

By Peter Vee, Issued by Vee Station 7 Aug 2018

Vee Station helps disrupt a major Cape Town industry!

In 2017 Vee Station had the privilege of launching an innovative brand onto the market at precisely the right time to disrupt an industry ripe for radical change: the tourism industry...

By Peter Vee, Issued by Vee Station 12 Feb 2018

Designing desire

To sell anything in this flurry of marketing mayhem, we need not be the loudest, well designed or even most expensive. We do, however, need to instill an immense desire no matter what it is we are creating...

By Peter Vee, Issued by Vee Station 16 Mar 2017

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