Sherry Zameer is Vice President IoT at Gemalto.
Creating a better, conveniently secure tomorrow with IoT

As it rapidly approaches maturity, the Internet of Things (IoT) is set to continue a transformational trajectory...

By Sherry Zameer 20 Feb 2019

Silent authentication: a seamless customer experience

In a world of increasing connectivity and digitisation, our interactions with devices and services demand highly secure identity authentication for access...

By Sherry Zameer 11 Feb 2019

Keep abreast of the travel tech wave to realise tourism potential

Technology is revolutionising travel. To keep growing its tourism industry, South Africa must continuously invest in new technologies to deliver the right experiences to discerning travellers...

By Sherry Zameer 10 Jan 2019

The secure foundation for IoT

The low-cost, low-power nature of the IoT can cause security considerations to be deferred till much later in the product implementation stage, or sometimes, indefinitely...

By Sherry Zameer 11 Sep 2018

Prepare for the 5G revolution

5G offers greatly increased bandwidth, dramatically faster download speeds and instant response. But 5G is much more because...

By Sherry Zameer 7 Sep 2018

4 reasons why identity verification matters for African mobile operators

A powerful digital identity verification solution that is automated and integrated into the business process brings a new dimension to customer identity management. Here are the four key benefits for mobile operators...

By Sherry Zameer 31 Jul 2018

Why smart transportation is a game changer for Africa

Many of the approaches and technologies which combine to form a smart city are being applied from Cape Town through to Cairo...

By Sherry Zameer 22 Jun 2018

If the future in Africa is mobile, identity verification is paramount

Mobile operators are becoming an important provider of, and platform for, a growing range of services. As a result, the ability to verify customer identity is becoming a business imperative for mobile operators...

By Sherry Zameer 25 Apr 2018

This is how AI will change the way you drive

While there have been some recent setbacks (and there will doubtless be more) it appears that, with the massive investments in R&D, driverless cars will one day become a reality...

By Sherry Zameer 18 Apr 2018

Security a prerequisite for IoT success

The Internet of Things, regarded as the hottest topic in high-tech, is attracting the attention of countless enterprises across multiple industries...

By Sherry Zameer 5 Nov 2015

Subscribers' quality of experience: bridging the gap between perception and reality

Consumers and citizens are growing increasingly dependent on mobile networks. The performance of these networks may not always meet the expectations of consumers...

By Sherry Zameer 5 Jun 2015

The power of mobile marketing

There are more than seven billion mobile phones worldwide. Always on and accessible everywhere, mobile devices have become central to people's lives.

By Sherry Zameer 8 May 2015

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