Sharon Langa

All Relations with the Public
Location:Joburg/Polokwane, South Africa


i'm humanitarian. I'm a gifted writer. I've got ample Admin and Sales expertise. I love Coffee - and that's why I sell it too ;-) I'm open and available to meet and greet. I'm ready for my NEXT.
Sharon Langa
How I applied for a job that didn't exist
I like it, along with your process, you give us your Purpose (the why and goal). Formulae can often get you stuck, but your drive & purpose will always bring you before princes :-)Also, I was relieved to leave my cubicle with rules that didn't understand that email marketing is a thing. Not writing is synonymous to holding my breath, can only do it for so long - for me anyway. you :-)
Posted on 22 May 2019 14:17
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