Michelle Marais

Campaign Strategy and Planning at R-Squared Digital SA
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Michelle Marais is an experienced marketer with R-Squared Digital. She has over twenty years' experience in the marketing and advertising sectors, having made the shift from traditional to digital marketing. She's inspired by content creators who have created spheres of influence across multiple social media platforms, transforming online campaigns into real-life experiences for their audiences.
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Current employment

Campaign Strategy and Planning
R-Squared Digital SA - http://www.r2digital.co.za


Michelle Marais
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The 2019 influencer marketing holiday readiness guide

Now is the time to plan ahead and book your influencer marketing campaigns for Black Friday...

By Michelle Marais, Issued by R-Squared SA 23 Oct 2019

Kickass influencer marketing

My transition from a traditional marketing background to an influencer marketing agency was challenging. There was an enormous difference in the type of content creation required for both environments. But why?...

By Michelle Marais, Issued by R-Squared SA 21 Aug 2018

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