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Ivan Ayliffe
Jupiter on the money with Design Indaba campaign
Thanks for the feedback. Local design (certainly at the time) represented a tiny fraction of design that was affecting global economies. As an agency, and working closely with Ravi Naidoo, we made the editorial decision to focus on the topical highlights that most dramatically expressed the theme of the campaign.
Posted on 25 Jun 2021 19:22
Ivan Ayliffe
[2012 trends] Bob, where's my flying car?
Solid. Especially liked, "Which means that the age-old truth - that reality and true human experience will always be the best form of storytelling - will again rightfully regain its place at the head of the pack. And, in advertising, we either tell you a story or help you tell yours." More please.
Posted on 20 Feb 2012 11:46
Ivan Ayliffe
Why does the world hate copywriters?
Go here: Read it.Consider rewriting this article.
Posted on 30 May 2011 11:57
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