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    I was in a severe motorbike accident in my matric-year (1986) that left me in a coma for 7--months. I've since completed my matric and achieved four university qualifications. How did I do it?


    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    [CSI & Sustainability] I'm a new subscriber to this link.
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    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    #FutureFit Yourself: The culture gap conundrum
    Learning to accept disabilities is also a cultural thing ... that crosses all population-groups.
    Posted on 25 Mar 2019 15:44
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    #FutureFit Yourself: Why diversity inclusion requires a restoration strategy
    Disability is also a part of diversity that crosses all population-groups.
    Posted on 15 Mar 2019 20:21
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    Weighing up the costs of treating lifestyle diseases in South Africa
    Motor Vehicle Accidents should also be considered a 'lifestyle disease'.
    Posted on 12 Feb 2019 12:35
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    #BizTrends2018: Just-in-time marketing: The strategies of today's savviest CMOs
    Yet marketing leaders miss Persons With Disabilities - an estimated 10 percent of the population". Disabilities also affect their direct family members - so disabilities affect about half of the population!
    Posted on 8 Jan 2018 13:39
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    Reminiscing about Wimpy's sizzling campaigns
    I love the 'Hot Drink' portable cup I was given at the local Wimpy. It read: "I am so hot I carry my own fire extinguisher". ??
    Posted on 25 Oct 2017 14:36
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    #InnovationMonth: How tech is transforming healthcare
    I I had a severe motorbike accident in my matric year (1986) that left me in a coma for 7-months. I've since achieved 4 Uni degrees in the Humanities. After a few months in a coma my mom asked a dr why I was still alive? He said, apparently, that I was still alive because I was very fit.
    Posted on 19 Sep 2017 13:02
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    Study: Tech spend on healthcare delivery to top $800m in five years
    Our biggest computer is going unused I.e our brains. Most of it is lying dormant; just think what we could do if we used some of its dormant potential
    Posted on 12 Sep 2017 14:31
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    The new normal
    People With Disabilities make up the worlds largest minority group. Why don't they appear in any advertising?
    Posted on 19 Jul 2017 17:14
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    Empathy, economic growth and redistribution key to overcoming racial tensions
    Empathy and meta cognition are the answers to all the worlds problems.
    Posted on 11 Jul 2017 17:53
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    Inspiring and nurturing tomorrow's talent
    I think that one of the best ways to inspire people is to show them a live example of somebody who shows the potential of the human spirit. Go to my page and see what I mean.
    Posted on 3 Jul 2017 15:24
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    The importance of true diversity with FCB's global CCO, Susan Credle
    True diversity. Why is 'disability' never mentioned as one of these group?
    Posted on 3 Mar 2017 11:05
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    New South African talk show discusses mental health issues
    Will you be discussing Motor Vehicle Accidents?
    Posted on 10 Dec 2014 10:44
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    Redefining CSI in our collective "South Africanness"
    Disabilities cut across all the different segments of SA i.e. age, race, gender, etc.
    Posted on 7 Oct 2014 14:34
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    Redefining CSI in our collective "South Africanness"
    Disabilities occur across every group in SA e.g. age, race, gender, educational level etc. So it becomes THE most unifying point in the population's existence ... yet is seems to miss advertisers vision of what SA can be.
    Posted on 7 Oct 2014 14:28
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    Buckle up and change lives!
    Accidents are really a LIFE CHANGING EVENT! They're mostly preventable (you can't control other people's behaviour). Would you rather be there DEAD ON TIME or slightly late?
    Posted on 28 Mar 2013 13:24
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    Are entrepreneurs born or made?
    Both. The entrepeneur has to be able to formulate an idea by him/herself (inherent talent) THEN he/she needs a tangible way to do it! (learned skill).My story is in this months 'Entrepeneur' magazine: "What do customers want to hear?"
    Posted on 8 Mar 2013 14:46
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    Cognitive behavioural therapy effective where antidepressants have failed
    I'm sure that CBT and case-specific medical treatment is the route to go to help people suffering from depression AND other ailments as well.I'm not just saying that. I was involved in a severe motorbike accident in my matric-year (1986) that left me in a coma for 7-months. F.y.i. any coma that lasts longer than an hour is classified as “serious”. Since then, I’ve achieved my matric (albeit over 4 years), University qualifications (x4), released a motivational CD “5%” (because that’s the chance I was given to survive the first night I spent in ICU) and I have been delivering inspirational speeches since 2004 because I know that anybody can do anything “…if they can give it some meaning” - Dr^56 Viktor Frankl. I’m sure that Madiba also falls into this category. I’m also sure that if ‘new victims ‘knew more’ of other living people who’ve done amazing things … they might be inspired to their own amazing thing in their own life. Then we’d live in a world worth living in!Regards,Derick Poremba-Brumer B.A. (U.P), Further Diploma in Education – Severe Disabilities (U.P.), Trauma Counselling (INTEC), Logotherapy Advanced - NQF level 7 DISTINCTION (UNISA - Centre for Applied Psychology) (a Doctorate is NQF level 8)Even if I say so myself: not bad for a guy who nearly died in 1986!As far as I know, there isn’t another person – worldwide – who had a severe accident in their final year at secondary school … who went on to achieve 4 tertiary qualifications! Take a look at (Viktor Frankl Institute – SA) for more information about the course. If you go to that page, look under , or go to “Stroke Support Group” on FacebookSee “aphasia & tbi group” on Facebook for the group at the University of PretoriaLook for my name on Facebook under ‘Inspirational speakers’
    Posted on 11 Dec 2012 17:12
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    Nzimande proposes sociology for bankers
    I agree completely. I think that the best way groups of people can become less fearful of another group of people is if they were to REGULARLY come into contact with each other. Every adult uses a bank - so what better way is there for the groups to 'find' each-other?
    Posted on 6 Nov 2012 15:37
    Derick Poremba-Brumer
    Social dialogue will help address economy - Motlanthe
    I agree that the country will only be able to address poverty through economic growth. However I don't think that that growth can only come if more jobs are created. What about expanding the job-seekers minds for them to create their own jobs?
    Posted on 25 Oct 2012 17:14
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