Arthur Charlez

Arthur Charlez

Executive Consultant at Fluence Digital Marketing Agency
Location:Durban, South Africa


Executive Consultant at a digital agency that helps companies get more traffic, more leads and sell to more customers.
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Digital Strategy, Brand Management, Website Optimisation, Customer Acquisition, Advertising
Arthur Charlez
Thumbs-up for Unilever, Diageo, Samsung and eBay from Hellocomputer
Whilst this initiative is to be applauded and looked upon with great reverence in its context. This is how things should be. Nothing anybody is doing is special in any way.Wherever there is a system there will be someone trying to or already gaming that system. So preventative measures should be built-in from the getgo. Not be a reaction to.
Posted on 26 Jun 2018 21:54
Arthur Charlez
The benefits of having an in-house marketing team
I totally agree that doing marketing in-house can be faster. However speed is determined by having the correctly aligned collective skill set in place. This is not easy to achieve for a company that is not an agency - hence the mass to and fro migration between agencies and corporates. Getting it done cheaper than with an agency is also not something I entirely agree with. The cost of mistakes are much higher with inhouse marketing teams. Then there is also "professional myopia". You don't always see very clear being on the inside looking in. Which is why agencies exist in the first place.
Posted on 26 Jun 2018 07:24
Arthur Charlez
#BizTrends2017: Marketers need to create deeper and more meaningful databases
I recently had the opportunity to work with an amazing woman at a group of companies operating in the education space. From the getgo I knew she was a phenom. But when we started working together it became more and more apparent. And in many ways we were the same. We are familiar with every single aspect across the marketing spectrum. Be it copywriting, coding, data analysis, social media optimization, CROor design. I tried to hide what I'm about but every day she pulled me in more and more. It's amazing how people like that lady and myself has been groomed over the years for exactly the role you mention in TREND 3. I never knew it was a thing. But then sometime in 2007 someone asked me to design a logo and a website, but then went elsewhere to have business cards done.. I knew there was something brewing. I could not put words to it, but I am so glad you did. Thanks for the insight.
Posted on 28 Feb 2017 10:39
Arthur Charlez
Integrated sales, marketing teams essential to convert leads
This is such a needed thing in marketing today. We have digital teams working their butts off and pumping leads into a funnel like it's going out of style. And then you have sales teams who in many instances don't work hard enough at converting. And the main reason for that is because the two teams answer to different heads inside companies. And it is rare that those heads get together and compare notes. The marketing and sales functions should sit in the same physical space. Not just the same department.
Posted on 28 Feb 2017 10:11
Arthur Charlez
Solving the hardest problem in marketing - multi-channel attribution
Great post sir. I think every agency - digital or otherwise - face this challenge. The traditional agencies are starting to partner with digital startups to bring in the skills they lack for this very reason. The move toward integrated marketing has become a flavour of the month in the creative/marketing space however pinpointing exactly how one medium influences another will remain a challenge, especially in the age of multi-device connectivity. For example I would sit in an Uber cab and we'd pass by a branded company car with a URL on it. I'd go to that site on my phone and bookmark the site. Then when I'm at my office I'll check the site out good and proper on a desktop machine, jumping from there to their Linkedin profile, Facebook page and maybe even check out what they're tweeting about. How would such a company's Google Analytics tell them that I actually came through via a URL on their branded vehicle?
Posted on 14 Jul 2015 09:48
Arthur Charlez
[NewsMaker] Nonkululeko Britton
So proud of this young woman. Keep climbing my sister. Keep climbing and don't look down.
Posted on 13 Feb 2015 23:13
Arthur Charlez
[Trends 2015] Convergence marketing
I can't say I agree with the term "convergence". I believe integration is the future. I also believe that because each respective channel requires a unique mindset attuned to that channel to create excellence. That is the reason why Pete Case of Gloo may never win an award for campaign management or Alistair King may never win an award for a digital strategy. It's probably just all semantics, but Heidi and I may actually be on the same page. The word convergence just doesn't fit in the post or the title.
Posted on 3 Feb 2015 09:23
Arthur Charlez
Context is king in the next wave of digital marketing
Great point. I said this same thing to a prospect just this morning. I am very happy that I am not alone in holding this opinion.
Posted on 27 Jan 2015 13:27
Arthur Charlez
Social Media Sales
Are you still having this challenge?
Posted on 27 Jan 2015 13:16
Arthur Charlez
The MTN Durban Fashion Week: What?
I like that you act as defense counsel for DFW. But you tackle none of the points I make in your counter argument. If you did, you would have cited designers that went on to be great after participating in DFW. In 2008 Sibu Msimang, Kwame Khuzwayo, Lynette Ganesan and Katherine Montague went to India to showcase their designs as part of a designer contingent that included Nkhensani Nkosi and Malcolm Kluk. The aforementioned designers were the "development talent" that were supposed to have been "springboarded" by that particular experience. Please do yourself a favour and check up on them today - almost 7 years later. I mention the above designers because an agency that I owned at the time - KOOLOOMA - was the only entity that got them ink in a print publication (Daily News) at the time. This was shortly after the DFW and not a finger was lifted by AFI or VSHE to get these designers some ink, even if it was with a hidden agenda to promote their own brands.
Posted on 27 Jan 2015 13:10
Arthur Charlez
The MTN Durban Fashion Week: What?
Wow. I wrote this piece 7 years ago. But I still firmly of the opinion that the DFW event had no development agenda. Everything they did was fuelled by the funds that MTN pumped into the project. Once the MTN money dried up that wa sthe end of the event. Even Precious Motsepe's AFI has not carried on hosting the show since they owned 50% of the show. There was no passion behind it. There was no vision behind it. It was just money that needed to be used and VSHE Productions used the money as best they could. If someone with a vision for the entire Durban fashion industry was behind the wheel of the event, it would not have died out in 2008..
Posted on 27 Jan 2015 13:03
Arthur Charlez
[Trends 2015] The year of transformation
I am not entirely convinced that digital belongs in the agency environment. There is a certain train of thought in digital that makes its practitioners effective at deploying technology to build brands. There is no word for it yet, but it has been called "disruptive" by many. Traditional agency professionals cannot see themselves going against the grain of what people like Bernbach, Ogilvy and their ilk has established on Madison Avenue. 90% of the ideas a digital agency come up with WILL be discarded by a traditional agency ECD, despite its effectiveness in doing exactly what a brand needs to grow. There is no room for "disruptive" in traditional agencies and therefore the integration that's currently seen in most agencies will not last. An agency like Quirk will do traditional agency work but their agency is built on a foundation of "disruptive" and therefore they will most probably be the exception to the point I am trying to make. Integration is great in theory. And works in practise - for now.But for how long?? Time will tell.
Posted on 21 Jan 2015 22:41
Arthur Charlez
[TrendTalk] Is social media all hype?
In 2012 I was involved in a rather sad panel at Digital Edge Live(I was asked to argue against the very thing I make a living from) and every single point regarding social media was really a point about Facebook. The same held true for every question that was asked. Too many people think "facebook" when they think "social media". It's a curse.Secondly, we the early adopters and practitioners have adopted this thing we call "digital marketing" when in fact it has always just been marketing with digital as another platform/channel/medium (like OOH and print media). Digital just offered better marketing track-and-measurability. So it's still just marketing. Using digital tools.On the social media front, I recorded a little video ( not so long ago that speaks to this obsession with Facebook and Twitter. Social media should not be a one or two channel thing. If you want to use social media optimally for marketing, you should firstly have a strategy and secondly use multiple platforms - not just Facebook and Twitter.Lastly. I can affirm that social media is a marketing channel that works. In 2013 we worked with a certain British TV channel sponsored motoring show and sold 3 times more tickets than the brief required us to - using FB, Twitter and BBM. And a large portion of those tickets were sold to speed freaks and illegal dragsters - a market that's almost impenetrable via conventional marketing tools.
Posted on 26 Nov 2014 16:00
Arthur Charlez
New Virgin Active ad surfs the waves
I would have been so much more appreciative of this if the youngster "thought" in his mother tongue, and we had subtitles scrolling by atthe bottom.This is not something that is very obvious, but even today's youngsters of Nguni descent - though they speak in iSingisi - thinks in what Mzekezeke calls "de lungwich of demself"
Posted on 2 Jun 2014 18:09
Arthur Charlez
Our survival rests on convergence
Sipho. Thank you for taking time to contribute. I feel you are misguided in your trust in convergence as the future. If that was true, why is Facebook not the biggest messaging platform or Google+ not the biggest social network (since its owned by the biggest search provider). Just because telephony and data converges on the smartphone does not mean convergence is the future. It means that smartphone manufacturers still believe exactly what you believe.Some maverick is going to launch a device that does everything a smartphone can do except enable voice calls. What do you think will happen to convergence when that happens?
Posted on 2 Jun 2014 18:01
Arthur Charlez
The new-look Google
Firstly I believe Google is lying about readability and cleanliness. Everyone is out to become a pay for play platform. Google is no different. I mean who would encourage organic SEO if more revenue is to be made from paid search?You also hit the nail on the head with Authorship. One would think every journo, PR agency and their mama would have done this by now. It's crazy how slow the adoption of these things happen in companies that literally won't exist without computers.Thanks for a beautiful piece. Very few people on Biz Community expound on SEO - myself included.
Posted on 2 Jun 2014 16:45
Arthur Charlez
Master classes for digital Durban
Becoming. Isn't that a bit condescending considering one of the country's biggest gaming development companies and probably the country's most vibrant iOS app development company is based in Durban.. and not as an extension of a JHB or a CPT head office.. Just saying
Posted on 10 Apr 2014 21:02
Arthur Charlez
The Great Online Marketing Lottery
I think too many business owners compare online marketing to traditional marketing. If you place a newspaper ad, you expect a percentage return sometime in the period that the ad runs, but today's newspaper is tomorrow's potato peel wrappings for disposal or like in my house in the 70s - toilet paper.What online marketing does is make you pay once for something that will be around FOREVER. Yes I said FOREVER. (or as long as the platform exists). That means that what you get for your payment is a constantly deepening and widening digital footprint and a solid presence online. And that's just one benefit.Something else you get is INTERACTIVITY. The ability to communicate directly with the people your brand message reaches - back and forth - as many times as you like. Can you do that with a TV ad? These are just two benefits that outlive the money you pay by years.. (If I give you more I'd have to invoice you)
Posted on 14 Jan 2014 22:22
Arthur Charlez
Social media 'experts'... copy that!
I agree completely with the gist of what you're saying. What I disagree with is that social media marketing can be done in-house. The reason people use agencies is because the view is clearer from the outside looking in. On top of that if my business is selling widgets I'd like to put 99% of my energy into selling widgets and leave the non-core aspects of my business to people who are reasonably experienced in doing that.I am going to assume that the people who complain about the "experts" crapping on their parade are not people of colour, because we're so used to struggling for everything we have - it's perfectly normal to see someone else with less talent and skill grab food off your table just because of an ethnic, tertiary or clique association. Just an objective fact. Some of my best friends are not people of colour. It's only when you're used to getting everything easily that you would complain about getting snubbed in favour of an "expert".I like that you had the chutzpah to write this post though. Yes, even I have been thinking this (but have no time to write about it.. paying the bills myself)
Posted on 15 Aug 2012 14:01
Arthur Charlez
Social media 'experts'... copy that!
Well articulated sir.. or madame (these anonymous posts are annoying). I spent 3 years blindly updating Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube for a company and at the end of the day everything I did translated into real value because I was consistent and persistent. I gleaned tons of insights from that experience, which I apply in the work I do for companies these days. Once again, why pick on social media professionals when everybody else does this. On the Marklives website is an article about the CEO of Digivox who publicly claims she knew nothing about media planning but was given a job as a media planner in Cape Town.. another perfect example of the racial polarisation of the creative and marketing industries, but a discussion for another day.
Posted on 15 Aug 2012 13:48
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