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Location:Edenvale, South Africa


Experienced Graphic Designer with over 20 years of service in DTP, Typesetting, Graphic Design in the Newspaper, Property Advertising and Printing Industry, Packaging Design, Flexographic Design, Pre-press specialist, Image colour grading and manipulation.
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Repro / Pre-press / Print, Acrobat & Microsoft Office, ImageReady, Web Design, Image Editing & Manipulation, Pagination, Photography, Design & Layout
Anthony Gillespie
Unpacking employment equity, or consider boycotts carefully
Agreed playing field for all people should be leveled, but on par with the statement that there is more African people queuing UIF than white people, what is the ration of African people to each white person. If you break it down to a percentage of the same thing and remove the numbers from the equation what is the result? Also a interesting factor is that statistics has shown growth in the white population over the last few decades has gone to a negative percentage, whereas growth in the black population has almost doubled, so in which way is the employment equaty act actually going to change that factors in any given reasonable time?
Posted on 8 Oct 2012 00:20
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