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Owner & Consultant at Commercial Radio Network
Alastair Gray
No justice at SABC radio
You're hilarious. SABC have 72%of the radio market, but only because it is monopolised to the hilt. If it was a freer market, with a level playing field, they would stumble and flounder. Remarkable that you don't realise this. :-)
Posted on 17 Apr 2019 10:55
Alastair Gray
Where is the next radio talent coming from?
I'm reading this article with the troubling aspect that this original article is nigh on 6 years old, and yet nothing seems to have changed or improved. The quality of presenting has improved greatly in the Campus and Community arenas, but there doesn't seem to be anything remarkable or impacting on the radio horizon in terms of presenting. Perhaps I am just not listening to the stations that carry that content?I still believe that there is a huge opportunity to guide and mentor aspiring and (as Kevin so rightly mentioned) experienced presenters looking to hone their skills. It might be a good plan to have this as an industry NPO, with all commercial stations being required by ICASA to give a very small percentage of the turnover to the operational overheads of this school. After all, the commercial stations would be the ultimate benefactors in the pyramid of things, with sharper talent, more competition, more to choose from, and a business headspace in the graduates. It is sadly rather unlikely that the commercial stations would support this kind of initiative, as they are mostly sitting in a protected arena with very little real competition. If it ain't broke... is the way I reckon they will be looking at it. Overseas, most major markets have at least three stations within a programme format fighting tooth and nail, for that extra one percentage point in the Rams. They are in no way sitting in the comfort zone the we seem to have here, they are hungry for improvement and progress. And that is perhaps the greatest crime of all. Stagnation, pretty much. And the only fly in the ointment is the rise of online listenership, from the radio fans that are bored and want more. And that comes down to my conclusion. Radio in South Africa, in my humble opinion, has become a victim of listener apathy, where they are content to settle for a kind of mediocrity, and the ones that are beyond that have already tuned into a stream of something on the net. The majority aren't demanding and selective enough in what they will settle for, radio wise. A harsh, and possibly unfair observation, but that's my feeling on it. Someone needs to throw a stone in the proverbial pond, and get those ripples working.for the betterment of an industry that we all love and cherish. Let's hope it's soon.
Posted on 13 Apr 2019 13:58
Alastair Gray
Bullshit reasons...- Shutdown of 702 medium wave transmitter
What about the people outside the FM coverage, that used to listen to MW? The ones that cannot afford dsTV or the Net? How is it that many many AM stations are still operational around the world? Sentech just didn't want the costs of having only two or three AM broadcasters. They are obliged to provide the service in term of their common carrier status. This was a purely political and business decision, and had nothing to do with old technology. 702 is in my opinion the best radio station in the country, and probably the only station which will easily survive the onslaught of the Net\iPod revolution. They should have had an FM license years ago. It's just a shame that ICASA are sleeping on the job. Nothing new there. When will they stop killing the radio industry?
Posted on 2 Jul 2007 14:50
Alastair Gray
Re-inventing the wheel...?- 5FM launches social networking portal
Why not just start a thread on Facebook?
Posted on 2 Jul 2007 14:02
Alastair Gray
Investment- new radio licencees
Well R12m will be more than enough to get the infrastructure of the station up and running. The real question is will they be able to get the advertising income early on to reduce their dependance on cash reserves for operating overheads? ICASA have given their approval of this business model, so let's hope they haven't created another P4 saga...
Posted on 16 May 2007 11:20
Alastair Gray
ICASA underperformance- Clear Channel Radio partners with Google
Interesting that the largest of the radio conglomerates in the USA has 675 stations, hey? Just shows what a poor job ICASA are doing in getting an acceptable level of radio stations in SA. Dem pirates, they are a comin' har har...
Posted on 14 May 2007 15:45
Alastair Gray
Same old, same old...- 5FM unveils lineup changes
What is it with the SABC Board and their idiotic policies? Does every station have to be seen to be geared majorly towards black listeners? How about defining the market as "cosmopolitan" and leaving it at that? Any dumbass can see that if things continue the way they are, 5FM will become Metro. Let's make a little passageway between the two studios across the foyer, shall we? Then there will be a shitload of confusion. It's just plain stoopid. The guys at Metro must be going WTF? And when, oh when, will 5FM stop playing hip hop, R&B, house music and rock all in the same half hour? Make up your frikkin minds what you want to be, because it is just pissing everyone off. Stick to one or two genres, and then just maybe I'll stop listening to Jacaranda, and tune to 5FM again. At least Jacaranda have an identity and are consistent with their music policies. Such a shame. So much opportunity. So little direction. Give 5FM the autonomy they need to survive and regain their pride! /tunes in to BBC Radio 1 on the net, YAY!
Posted on 4 Apr 2007 22:49
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