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What's making news on social media?

According to data collected by Acumen Media, the stories dominating social media this week revolved around racism and education. It was back to school for South African children and it reflected in the conversations on social media; at least 50% of social media talk was on children going back to school, the 2018 matric results, and the racially segregated seating situation at a school in Schweizer-Reneke.

The Schweizer-Reneke incident was also accompanied by similar conversations on the country's race relations like at Clifton Beach. Woolworths was taken to accountability after social media users pointed out that its baby carrier was plagiarised from a smaller company; the retailer has since removed it from its shelves.

2019 sees a general election in South Africa and the ANC has started its campaigning with the launch of its manifesto; many social media users expressed their opinions on this. Other news making buzz on social media includes the ongoing Dros rape case; the Bushiri stampede; and keeping us in the dark, Eskom.
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