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Can anyone help me find an advertising agency in SA

I am planning to expand out IT Training Business in South Africa. I am interested for some local advertising agencies that can provide leads on CPL basis. Please help me. 4 Aug 2014

Has South African marketing become too traditional and insipid?

In example, Nandos has recently launched a new commercial, which have been banned because of "race issues" - but in my views, this is where Nandos marketing is particularly successful - they test boundaries. 7 Jun 2012

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Copy Cats Know No Limits

Stiffled creativity in the advertising industry - what's with the copycats? 30 Nov 2011

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Where to go from here?

which school Is a good school to study copywriting? 13 Oct 2011

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Will advertising a restaurant on a billboard make financial sense ?

Looking at cost-effective ways to advertise a restaurant. Hence the question - is a billboard cost-effective? 4 Oct 2011

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Damn, some South African "creatives" are flipping lazy!!

Two retailers who compete with each other for customers use the same VO to punt them. 9 Sep 2011

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Why do media buyers/strategists and PR & marketing agencies ignore community media??

Media buyers and PR and marketing agencies seem to ignore community media (TV, radio, Print), even though SAARF stats proves success. 6 Sep 2011

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Looking for advertising agency that does bookings with various airline inflight magazines

Do anyone know of a specific agency in South Africa that can book ads in inflight magazines at various airlines? 20 Jul 2011

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Don't Tell Them - Show Them

I made some time this morning to read through a few blogs and forums on "creativity". 14 Jun 2011

Which agencies has these account? SAA, Mango, Kulula, 1Time

I want to know the media agencies for the local airline industry. 26 May 2011

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Archiving / Backup of Design/Video work

I'm wondering how other agencies handle archiving of their work 22 May 2011

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Google Ad's

I would like opinions on the effectiveness of Google ads, with regards to promoting an e-commerce business. 13 May 2011

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Give me art or give me overtime

I'm happy with either, but dont lie to me by calling one the other 11 Apr 2011

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Till roll advertising

Advertising on the back of till rolls. 22 Mar 2011

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The Jump

How did you find the transition from tertiary or other to industry? Was it an easy move? Or was it a shock? 10 Mar 2011

South Africans are far behind

South Africans are far behind when it comes to technology 17 Feb 2011

Middleman for Outdoor Billboard Advertising

Need help on which companies render services to sell your ad space on billboards. 5 Feb 2011

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Outsurance - is a white man in drag a representative of a black woman

Does a white man in drag represent black women? 4 Feb 2011

How does one become an account executive?

how does a recent graduate, who does not have experience and connections in the industry but has a lot of passion for advertising become an account executive? 13 Jan 2011

Cricket World Cup - Advertising Regulations

Where can I find what we as advertisers are allowed to use/mention in relation to the Cricket World Cup? 11 Jan 2011

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Copywriter Salaries

What does the average middle weight copywriter earn 3 Nov 2010

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Is passion dead?

How do you get a career in copywriting, if no one gives you a shot? 1 Nov 2010

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magazine sales and advertising

I started a small business magazine that will be distributed at 54 small business centres nation wide. 29 Sep 2010

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SEO training

With online SEO training available, where in the world to start? 23 Sep 2010

What ever happened to people seeing potential

What ever happened to peopl e recognising potential in creatives? 14 Sep 2010

help! what are the copyright laws in sa?

Having just returned to SA from the UK, we are not clear on any recent changes to copyright laws governing marketing/advertising works. We're in dispute with a non-paying client. Can anyone clarify? 7 Sep 2010

Product mentions in magazines

How does one go about getting products or services mentioned in magazines? 18 Aug 2010

Is rudeness and arrogance the price of an advert?

Why are some clients so appallingly nasty, when they don't get their own way and even when they do, there seems to be a real malice in the market these days? 30 Apr 2010

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Gender based advertising

Product advertising gender biased? 28 Apr 2010

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Dear FIFA...

Your recent actions against advertisers such as Kulula have made me realise that our genius negotiators at the LOC have signed over pretty much every South African icon, brand, landmark, flag etc. to you guys. 30 Mar 2010

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