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Pepsi's SA arrival campaign

Who do they think they are...?
What was going on with Pepsi's marketing team to allow an ad featuring David Beckham welcoming Pepsi back into South Africa? What made them think that a well-known English soccer player would be in a position to welcome them into South Africa? At least they could have used the word "congratulations" instead of "welcome back".

It's the same thing done by South African advertising agencies using male models from other African countries in their quest to sell their products.

If you took time to know your market you would know that South African men have a problem with these men. If you believed that one is rocking your boat but not in a good way, would you support that brand?

Marketers should stop using global campaigns that will not be effective because they are trying to cut down on costs. Advertisers should start being honest with clients. They should also start learning more about their target market traits.
Sorry For Pepsi-
Pepsi have pulled out of South Africa twice, once in the dark days of Apartheid in a stand of solidarity against the government, they then returned when all was good and democratic in South Africa, but poor management apparently drove them away. Unfortunately for them, the real reason they will never succeed in S.A is that us darkies are brand loyal, my mother is one of those people who refer to any soda as Coke, just like all lip balm is lip ice and all vacuum cleaners are Hoovers, that's just the way it is. Coca-Cola stuck with us through the good and bad and David Beckham and a star studded marketing campaign is not going to get the main market to abandon the Coca-Cola Company.
Posted on 3 May 2006 15:38
Are they in or out...?-
Pepsi first needs to decide on whether it wants to stay in SA or not. The company has been in and out so many times, I've actually lost count.
Posted on 3 May 2006 16:08
kleendin, poopsiville
Ever considired if...-
... Pepsi is targetting Beckham wannabees ... Pepsi is not interested in whether your grandmother buys its'products (or not) ... who exactly is the new generation of cola drinkers
Posted on 3 May 2006 16:37
David Beckham-
David Beckham only had one short line in that ad, and part of that line was his name. Do you reckon they kept his dialogue to a minimum because he'd never be able to remember two lines?
Posted on 3 May 2006 19:34
So much wrong with THAT ad!-
There is just so much wrong with that ad that one does not know where to start. Using global stars has been effective in some ad campaigns - I just don't think it will work for Pepsi. Plus David Beckham is so OVERUSED to endorse so many products that are unrelated to what he does that he is losing effect (in my eyes). Then the actual ad itself is simplistic and has no clear coherent message. Why introduce a new feature to a market that has not been exposed to the product for a few years. They should be trying to re-establish some sort of continuity and not introducing the new addition! And who are they trying to appeal to with the construction side scenario in any case? Pepsi is going to have to dig deeper than that to try and make inroads into a market that Coke has made their own - this will just not cut it!
Posted on 4 May 2006 09:19
On the other hand- remember AIDA-
Remember the AIDA model. Well I think this one got your Attention and Interest. If they can come up with a good sales promotion I think it will also arouse Desire and ultimately leading to Action. They've done it before, but for poor supply channels and management in general. They’ve obviously done their SWOT analysis and noted the gap (i.e. the growing black middle class. Always bear in mind that the SA market is never too shire to try new products hence the influx of Asian cars.
Posted on 4 May 2006 09:35
Relevancy is key-
I agree. The ad was a jumble of mixed messages, and failed miserably in it's attempt at re-introducing the brand. Pepsi has historically used various star performers in their ads, while Coke has for a long time set their sights on making use of everyday people, in everyday situations for their ads, which is far more relevant to a mass market.
Posted on 4 May 2006 10:48
You want to do my PR?-
RELEVENCY? What kind of word is that? If you were doing PR for me, and used language like that; you would lose the account in a flash! Relevency! Pah! Please develop an adequate command of the english language before daring to use it again. Thanks.
Posted on 8 May 2006 10:19
Bilbo Baggins
What would Frodo drink?-
...and what SHIRE would that be, young hobbit?
Posted on 8 May 2006 10:21
Try using spell check next time-
Why not try looking up the correct spelling of the word relevancy in the dictionary, oh gormless one.
Posted on 9 May 2006 10:06
are you all on about, if you're the caliber of people in the industry then it is I who shudders. Muppets!!!
Posted on 9 May 2006 12:54
The expert?
Tonight's line-up: Pepsi vs Coke-
When I saw the ad I immediately got the same feeling that I got when the American elections were on: Bush vs. Kerry. I really can't wait to see what happens. I think Pepsi launched an aggressive advertising campaign - aggressive enough to take on Coke. I really do hope that something remarkable happens, just for the sake of competition, although I'm also not too sure. Hopefully some sales promo strats will be introduced to support the ad. But to me, the whole idea of Pepsi relaunching in SA is pretty entertaining.
Posted on 9 May 2006 14:56
Most people in the ad industry are dyslexic anyway. That's why God makes it up to them by blessing them with creativity. Dont you know that? From a PR person
Posted on 9 May 2006 15:04
Advertising people talk crap-
The new Pepsi ad is really good. i have never heard such crap as talked on this site by so called advertising people. Think before you write the drivel that appears as so called comment. the Pepsi commercial makes a simple point and uses a clever dramatic demonstration. True, the use of Beckham is gratutious, but he is the face of Pepsi - which if you bothered to know anything about this business, you would be aware of. Please keep your silly retorts to yourselves.
Posted on 9 May 2006 17:06
Advertising People talk crap......?-
You don't happen to work for Pepsi, do you?
Posted on 11 May 2006 17:25
The Mad 1
Not so sexy...Pepsi-
The GOD of football and that wacky line of welcoming Pepsi back to South Africa is one of the many problems that Advertisers are still turning a blind eye on.First off South Africans are very much creative people and some relevancy and an effort to align that Ad or have some SA concept built to it would really help Pepsi "Relaunch" with a cause to not only be another American brand but to have South African consumers talk about it.For now advertisers need to stop embarassing themselves with irrelevant Ad,international or Local....a bit of research would not hurt. We will see how sexy and trendy Pesi can be in SA.Welcome back to SA least its relevant when I say it.
Posted on 12 May 2006 09:33
Oh Poor Mickie...-
Mickie - I feel sorry for poor sods such as yourself who really don't have a clue! Us advertising people are talking so much crap ... and that's why Pepsi have now taken David Beckham with his one-liner out of the ad. Right? Wrong? Because we are NOT the only ones who think the ad is sub-standard and irrelevant to the SA market. Read a book, watch some TV, talk to people - GET A CLUE!
Posted on 12 May 2006 10:34
Mickie - sorry for you-
No, I happen to be an internationally awarded CD who understands the business a lot better than you do clearly.
Posted on 15 May 2006 15:02
1, 2, 3-
*choreographs a perfectly orchestrated group supplication to the internationally awarded CD* ego-fluff much there, mr Man? why do all these threads always end up in some silly slanging episode? puh-leeez....
Posted on 16 May 2006 16:25
1,2,3 you are typical of my point about the lack of knowledge-
What a silly person you are too. Shame that so called advertising people are so clueless.
Posted on 17 May 2006 11:23
u advertising people are a joke, u never agree on anything!
Posted on 17 May 2006 16:51
suck it up-
im silly and clueless bcoz i dont want to hear you spouting about your "international recognition" and how gosh-darn good you are IN A PUBLIC FORUM? goodness. does it serve to make your opinion MORE carry more weight than anyone else's? the industry DEFINITELY needs more over opinionated, horribly-blinkered-to-anything-other-than-your-own-view, ego-centric self-back-slappers like you... oh yeah, next time, dont forget to blow yer old trumpet too- just in case we forget your omnipotence for one second.
Posted on 18 May 2006 10:59
Why Beckham-
I mean of all the people,it's not like they are targeting the metrosexuals or are they?.I think they should have used a well known African football legend,not that boy.It won't work.
Posted on 18 May 2006 17:53
thinking out of the box-
is it not possible that using beckham was a deliberate act of creating controversy in order to capture our attention. Now everyone is talking about that ad, and indirectly about the return of Pepsi to South Africa. Had Lucas Radebe been used for example, the ad would not have grabbed so much interest and not too many people would know that Pepsi is making a come back. think about it....
Posted on 20 May 2006 21:55
Open minded
Give them a chance..........-
I think we should give them a chance..... who cares who's on the ad. It has obviously created some brand awareness and maybe that was their intention. If you drink coke... drink it... if you don't... then you are probably not reading this anyway. Coke has always been in competition with all the other fizzy drinks out there! They too have tried something new and failed terribly, namely "Play energy drink". I hope that Pepsi will do well this time around! Coke has got too comfortable with being the market leader when it comes to their brands. They need a bit of healthy competition to get their service back on track....... have you ever been visited by a coke rep???????? A T T I T U D E!!!!! They need to be humbled, and who better than Pepsi to do that!!!!! GO PEPSI GO XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Posted on 23 May 2006 09:55
Wasted opportunity-
Last night on SABC 3 it was The Apprentice, and the contestants had the task of designing a new bottle and marketing campaign for one of Pepsi's new product launches in the States. I would have at least expected Pepsi to use the opportunity to flight their ad, but nothing. Then on Top Billing they featured the making of the Vincent Van Gogh : Coronation ad, and during the next ad break, what do you know - the Van Gogh ad. What a wasted opportunity for Pepsi in my books.
Posted on 26 May 2006 10:43
Pioneer foods-
Surely a giant such as Pioneer (The licensed distributor in SA) should have sufficient knowledge of the local market to have had a better say in proceedings? Or is this a sponsered event!
Posted on 29 May 2006 08:49
Why is it that a forum always ends with ego's having a face-off?-
I think I have a new reality TV show idea (though you'll probably steal it), ad agencies that face-off with ad agencies. The winning one, gets the biggest "Ego Award" shaped as a dildo. We could probably even get Mercedes A-Class in as a sponsor, eTV and Michael Mole to present the award. I know this is going to go through one ear and out the other (as there's clearly nothing up there in many of todays SA ad creatives) but... grow up! Come on... this is... aaaarrgg forget it.
Posted on 30 May 2006 14:55
Like your thinking Bandile-
I like the way you think, create a stirr around the ad, make buzz and wham, some more value to ad to the campaign. Something that could be done but I think it's just keeping with the global campaign, besides, SA is a spec on the map and to go off of the global "celeb credentials" campaign wouldn't be cost effective. Besides, there's a popular in Durban love Man U and Beckham, even with his girly accent and tied up hair so just from that they would secure sales/brand space in that market.
Posted on 30 May 2006 15:08
really guys you ar eating out of the palm of their hands-
this is exactly what Pepsi wanted some controversy.. chances are the moment you see Pepsi you will think about the ad and possibly buy it..advertising is good wether controversial immoral etc... Imagine if Jacob Zuma was used RIGH NOW to advertise condoms.....think about it!!
Posted on 3 Jun 2006 11:13
Its just advertising...-
After I saw the ad for the first time,I asked my 50yrs old dad what he thought about it,"what pepsi ad?,no!not appealing." and then I asked my 13yrs old little brother and he raved about it.So again maybe they are working their way up from galable kids today,hardcore ad Execs like yourselves tomorrow!!ever though of that?
Posted on 14 Jun 2006 13:16
that was a funny comment...
Zuma advertising condoms! WAHAHAHA-
Oh man... I certainly wouldn't want to be the marketing manager or shareholder for that brand of condoms!! Maybe a shower and toilet brand, now there's a though? Hang on... werent we talkin about Pepsi? Oh well... funny never the less.
Posted on 22 Jul 2006 03:07
It can be done... but not easily-
It grieves me and many others; I am sure, at the way South Africans have responded with pessimism to the beginnings of the “third” main South African Pepsi campaign. Many believe it will be third time lucky for Pepsi. It can be done; Pepsi can win back the market share it once possessed many years ago here in South Africa. However, if PepsiCo wishes this for itself, shouldn’t it rather start at the ‘brightly red painted’ roots of the SA soft drink industry instead of trying to achieve too much too soon? By starting slowly at micro levels, there will be more chance of building a solid, loyal base in the industry. A clear market segment should then, obviously, be targeted then effectively marketed to - (in a South African way using OUR amazing sport’s stars perhaps.) Who ever said that having more than one commodity producer in a market is a bad thing? The beneficiaries in market competition normally tend to be us, the consumers. Let us hope Pepsi gets it right this time...
Posted on 10 Mar 2007 03:56
Thank you to the person that had a positive thing to say.The only reason Pepsi SA used Beckham, Carlos ,Ronaldinho and the like was because because they were piggy - backing on the international campaign. This very campaign proved highly successful for the re introduction of the Pepsi brand into the country. In addition, this very campaign sent shock waves through the Coke establishment within this country.Since that time Pepsi have had more tremendous campaigns. Christina, World cup cricket with SA players and now BEP.This advertising is focusing on the desired target market.Go ahead all of you pesomists - be negative. The blue train is coming!
Posted on 9 Aug 2007 14:25

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