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Better Apple CarPlay in your future?

Since 2014, Apple CarPlay has become a must-have infotainment feature for many brands. With vehicle owners demanding ever-greater integration of their device features when driving, there is a clear opportunity for Apple.
Better Apple CarPlay in your future?

The technology company’s own automotive design ambitions have failed thus far. Its car project has stalled, but that doesn’t mean Apple is disinterested in developing better CarPlay technology.

A Bloomberg report states that Apple might be in the advanced stage of a significant CarPlay upgrade. This rumoured next-generation CarPlay system would delve deeper into systems data than before.

New Apple Carplay features?

Although screen mirroring is now an accepted reality for most car brands, there are functions that CarPlay cannot control.

The next-generation system could see users gain HVAC, infotainment and seat setting controls. For Apple, it would create even greater user convenience and loyalty, although the project is entirely contingent on cooperation from legacy car companies.

Apple would need to access source data for its next-generation CarPlay, where a conflict of interest with car companies could occur.

User data and in-car proximity marketing have been identified as potentially rich revenue sources for car companies. Allowing Apple to navigate into this space with an enhanced version of CarPlay could prove very costly over the longer term – with car companies providing the customers and vehicle platform but harvesting very little benefit.

Apple hasn’t confirmed the existence of its CarPlay improvement project, with broader function controls.

There is no question that iPhone ecosystem users would prefer using more of their Smartphone UX, instead of a legacy car company design. Apple does not need to manufacture the need for better CarPlay; the demand is there – it must only supply. A much easier outcome than designing and building its own car.

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